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The latest research shows that couples Chinese scholars cooperation does exist the latest research in the new network advantage – Chinese scholars show that couples cooperation does exist many advantages of female dominance in Shanghai on 9 October, (reporter Chen Jing) as the saying goes, "men and women collocation, do not work". Compared to other relationships, whether the couple can better cooperation? The latest scientific research by Chinese scholars gives a positive answer. East China Normal University 9 disclosure, the latest research of the school of psychology and cognitive science college professor Hu Yi research team showed that couples in the period of cooperation, both sides of the brain (superior frontal gyrus) synchronization phenomenon; the synchronization associated with their cooperative behavior. At the same time, men and women have different roles in cooperation. The researchers found that women are more dominant in the love of young men and women. This article entitled Cooperation in Lovers:An Hyperscanning Study, the paper just published online in the Journal of neuroimaging, "Human Brain Mapping". The study revealed that this study is another result of the team in the field of human – to – human interaction in the field of advanced cognition. Hu Yi 9, said the researchers will be divided into three groups of participants, the couple group of the pair, the group of acquaintances on the 16 pairs, the stranger group of 16 pairs, both male and female pairs. Each group of men and women partners together to complete a cooperative key task – after the lights turn green, as far as possible keys. The smaller the difference in reaction time between partners, the better their cooperation. It is reported that during the completion of the task of the computer, near infrared imager while monitoring and recording the brain activity of two subjects. The study found that, in the behavioral level, compared with the other two groups, the difference between the reaction time between the male and female partners was the smallest and the most stable. In the brain on the level of cooperation during the couple group mate brain – brain signal synchronization phenomenon in the brain region (interpersonal brain synchronization superior frontal gyrus, IBS), Hu Yi said, a significant correlation between the brain and the synchronous signal of cooperative behavior. The other two groups were not found in the phenomenon. Hu Yi said that this shows that the couple does exist advantages. It is understood that the cooperation and interaction between lovers is actually male to female, female or male submissive? This has been a controversial issue in psychology and biology. During the couple’s cooperation, is male dominated, or female dominated? This is another problem Hu Hu team researchers to further explore. In the study of the brain, the researchers explored the gender differences in cooperation. According to the results of the study, from the behavioral point of view, men in the cooperative reaction time longer than women. More interesting is that the researchers through causal analysis (Granger causality Grainger analysis, GCA) the results showed that the couple during the cooperation "from female to male" is greater than the signal flow "from male to female". Hu Yi said that these results show that between the couple相关的主题文章:

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