Lin update three young masters of the sword by Tsui Hark, the pro biography of Shing Yee-1926年属相�

Lin update "three master’s sword" won the Tsui Hark Shing Yee Pro Sina entertainment news produced by the Bona film group, producer Tsui Hark, directed by Shing Yee, Jiang Yiyan, Lin update [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Jiang Mengjie, [micro-blog], Peter Ho [micro-blog], Gu Cao Bin etc. starring 3D romantic martial arts masterwork "three master the sword", will be released nationwide in December 2nd. Today, the film side exposed a group of Lin update personal stills, the classic remake, Lin update re interpretation of Shing Yee classic role three master, Shing Yee and Tsui Hark teamed up to help the first arena sword of god. Especially Shing Yee, is teaching experience to help him find the character, "change radically makes me feel three young master". As the first sword of God, nature is the master sword three travels necessary, in order to advance the familiar with the sword and sword, Lin update early into the group practicing sword, for more than 4 months of shooting, he was almost from start to end, even one day a wound". Tsui Hark, Shing Yee won the two martial arts Master Pro Chuan Lin update reappearing the first sword of God "three master sword" film adaptation of the ancient dragon classic novels, in the 1977 edition of "three master sword", Shing Yee had played three young master Xie Xiaofeng, he personally directed the film version of the re interpretation of the first arena "sword of God update by lin". To repeat Shing Yee classic role, Lin update said he very stressful, "because I haven’t experienced Xie Xiaofeng such change radically, ups and downs". During the performance, director Shing Yee and producer Tsui Hark gave considerable help Lin update. Said Shing Yee with the help of forest regeneration, concentrated in the process of trying to figure out the role, "Seoul guide not only helped me understand the three master’s character, there are many details of the reminder, such as certain performance in the lens and some of the details, really very careful". When it comes to producer Tsui Hark, Lin update called "domestic martial arts film special effects hall figures", this is the third time he and Tsui Hark cooperation, "Xu Daozhen. A lot of heart, to do a lot of work, we have doubts the place will also ask him, because he took such things are good martial arts". Wang Lin update hard longitudinal Jianqi thoroughly tempered every day practicing sword wound in the film "three master sword", the role of the use of weapons are also coincident with the identity and character, a "weapon to express" feeling. While talking about the film using his sword, Lin update also have their own views: "Xie Xiaofeng’s sword is faster, more accurate light, so that the sword is relatively lightweight, but it is also a certain relationship with the character." In order to become the "sword of God", avoid hard work of thoroughly tempered relentlessly; the original Xie Xiaofeng said, so is the deduction process of off screen forest update. "I heard people say that the sword is the most difficult to play, it should pay attention to the body, unlike the spear sticks", Lin update said, "so I started very early set of strokes, practicing sword, also have to improve their physical fitness." Because when shooting all 3D, in order to show the best results, Lin update personal battle, rarely with a substitute, he admitted that the pressure is great, "beat the game every day there are difficulties, body, action or speed is not enough, but also injured when shooting" homely food)相关的主题文章:

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