Jiangsu, a patient dissatisfied with the efficacy of a knife to kill the doctor’s Court of First Ins-追踪309

Jiangsu treatment of patients dissatisfied with a knife to kill the doctor a court sentenced to death – Beijing, Beijing, Nanjing, September 9, (Zhu Zhigeng Chen Xiao) thinks the doctor wrong medicine, Jiangsu Xuzhou patients with Tian Chunsheng stabbed doctor Hu Jinsheng its died on the spot. September 9th, the Xuzhou intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict on the case, Tian Chunsheng was sentenced to death and sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life. In September 4, 2015, 51 year old Tian Chunsheng because of constipation to Copper Mt. District of Xuzhou City, a health clinic by Liu Xin Zhen, Dr. Hu (who died 58 years old) after treatment was poor treatment effect. Two days later, Tian Chunsheng find doctor Hu theory, and alarm. After the local police station to understand the treatment, it is recommended that Tian Chunsheng to other hospitals. Tian Chunsheng dissatisfaction with the results of treatment, resulting in the idea of killing Dr. hu. In September 8th of the same year, 10 am, Tian Chunsheng, Dai Mojing, sun hat masks, camouflage, and carry a knife to the health room waiting for the nearby killed Dr. hu. There are a lot of people at the time, Tian Chunsheng did not dare to start. Day 12 am, Hu Jinsheng home for dinner. When Hu Jinsheng traveled to the health room gate about 10 meters, Tian Chunsheng held a knife to continuously stabbed Dr. Hu abdomen. Subsequently, Tian Chunsheng chase doctor Hu to a villager’s home and continuous fierce thorn doctor chest, abdomen, such as the Department of the Department of more than a dozen knives fell to the ground after it, and stabbed Hu doctor neck two knife caused his death on the spot. After the crime, Tian Chunsheng attempted to escape, was the scene of the masses uniforms, after being arrested by public security organs. After forensic identification, Hu Department was held by a single blade stabbed stabbed liver rupture, superior mesenteric artery occlusion, vertebral artery occlusion caused by large blood loss. Nanjing Brain Hospital forensic forensic identification, Tian Chunsheng no mental illness, with full criminal responsibility of crime. Sentencing site. Li Hongjun after the trial, the Xuzhou intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict on the case, the defendant Tian Chunsheng guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life. Defendant Tian Chunsheng compensation incidental civil plaintiff plaintiff Hu family economic losses of 30891.5 yuan. Before the trial, the defendant Tian Chunsheng insisted in the interview with the media, because the other side to open the wrong medicine, he was very angry, and not want to kill each other. The court announced the verdict, Tian Chunsheng said in court to appeal. Hearing the results of the trial, sitting in the auditorium of the victims Hu doctor’s eldest son Hu Yuqing cried. Hu Yuqing said, a year of their pressure, often think of the dead father. Mother is now afraid to go out, heard the sound of the shock. More than and 80 year old grandmother sat at the door every day crying. Sharenchangming, thanks to the court of justice according to law. The trial judge Qin Ruidong said that Tian Chunsheng had thought of medical disputes, not to take a proper way to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, but to take the means of killing the doctor not rational, extreme. After the general public encounter medical disputes, you can find a medical mediation committee mediation, you can also go to the people’s court proceedings. The people’s court shall guide and regulate the majority of patients through the trial and Adjudication of civil cases相关的主题文章:

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