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The old man bought a few million high glucose diabetes health care to eat Wudang long – sell department Beijing Sichuan online news (reporter Liu Jia) in October 9th, the Sichuan provincial council briefing together to organize tourist operators, a typical case of illegal sales of health products. At the beginning of this year, Neijiang residents Lee found that people with diabetes wife Wu travel back, secretly taking health products, see the description that the high sugar content of health care products, diabetes belongs to prohibited taking the crowd. Lee repeatedly asked that, in recent years, Wu has repeatedly purchased a few million dollars of health care products, most of the health care products have been taken. Now Wu to a company in Neijiang (hereinafter referred to as the operator) submit purchase ious 10 thousand yuan of health care products, health care products to receive payment in May of this year, Li Mousui asked the local council to withdraw Wu to the operator issued IOUs, and for return procedures. The investigation, Lee’s reaction is true. Operators in order to organize the elderly consumers to travel to Wudang Mountains, Hubei, through the sale of health care products long way to sell, and the existence of counterfeit others approved batch number of violations. Wu suffering from diabetes, health care products in the sales operators failed to fulfill this Wu the products of sugar, is not suitable for people with diabetes and other important content of obligation, against the consumer’s right to know and the right of personal security. The violation of the "food safety law" the second paragraph of article fifty-first: "claim to have specific health foods may produce acute, subacute or chronic damage to the human body, the labels and instructions shall not be involved in disease prevention and treatment functions, content must be real, should contain the appropriate people, suitable for people, ingredients or signs composition and content; the function and composition of the product must be consistent with the labels and instructions." The first paragraph of article eighth of the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests: "consumers have the right to know the true situation of the goods they buy or use or the services they receive." And twentieth A: "information operators to provide consumers with the relevant goods or service quality, performance, use, term of validity, shall be true and complete, not false or misleading propaganda." Provisions. After mediation, the operator recognized invalid Wu buy health products 10 thousand yuan IOUs, and Wu has handled the purchase of health products return procedures, a total of 3000 yuan, for consumers to restore economic losses totaling 13000 yuan. Neijiang City Council will be suspected of illegal business operations over the administrative Industrial and Commercial Bureau dealt with.相关的主题文章:

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