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A new batch of experts and authorities to power saw the liquidation struggle users praise with the comment – Beijing Chinese Taiwan network September 18th news according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the new authorities since the 520 inauguration day for nearly 4 months, the Taiwan meteorological experts Li Fucheng often comment on current affairs in Facebook posting said, "natural disasters continue otherwise, cross! The new government came to power, no achievements, only liquidation and struggle." He mentioned that Kaohsiung city did not do a good job in the supervision of trees due to post, resulting in a typhoon ravaged moranti damaged 15 thousand trees, "that is not what is corruption, corruption". Li Fucheng wrote, "natural disasters, man-made crossflow! The new government came to power, no achievements, only liquidation and struggle. The first clearing government, to fight tourism. Natural disasters one after another, but not how to repair in a disastrous state. This year is autumn, winter is coming, how are we going to spend the winter, completely missing the policy. It is sad that our leaders do not know how to deal with the reporter’s question. There is a saying: the second year of the king’s new year, less than a year. This year the people in poverty, over the next year? We have more poor, poor people will be awake until The people are destitute. so far?" Later Li Fucheng again posted an article pointed out that the Kaohsiung tree roots was not weaving bags, leading to root cannot influence the normal growth of grip, typhoon raging, a rough estimate has 15 thousand trees by the whole tree road, half collapsed or broken branches and other serious damage, highlighting the city civil servants did not do a good supervision, so that manufacturers grow act according to circumstances. Li Fucheng said: "this is not man-made, what is man-made, this is not what is corruption, corruption, so sleep. Also what want to" Premier ", a Kaohsiung city management in such a way, once in the" central ", it is not the public good (suffer)?" Users have posted a message in Li Fucheng, after Cai Yingwen took office, how many disasters, but no one stepped down!" "Taiwan, Paul down (to ensure variable inverted)", "if the upper beam is not straight, even the trees were twisted to fall", "government contractors steal workers, approval lightly, can not see where it is, is the so-called" money ", and the destruction of building. But, out of the package and how. The limelight, so careerism."相关的主题文章:

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