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The official response to the urban take hawker 2 watermelon watermelon: confiscated as punishment – Sohu micro-blog news screenshot China youth network September 18 Tangshan Xinhua (reporter Sun Zhao Wu Yang) yesterday, the Hebei youth daily official micro-blog released a 35 second video, said the suspected Leting inspectors in the street law enforcement, while driving the small vendors selling watermelons get a license plate number, Hebei B J351W, law enforcement vehicle suspension lights after the bucket, then leave. Digital video display, uniformed law enforcement officers to follow the law enforcement vehicle slowly forward, two uniformed personnel in this process, the roadside hawkers tricycle on watermelon, put into the hopper after law enforcement vehicles, then leave. At the same time, another uniformed staff, will be on the cover of another tricycle opened view. The inspectors will be put into law enforcement after the car hopper of watermelon. Video screenshot China Youth Network reporter found that this video first appeared in June 27th of this year, and caused concern. Some netizens questioned the management of the video in the car while driving the masses watermelon behavior does not meet the specification. Hebei youth daily official micro-blog called for an official investigation into the. Tangshan City Urban Management Bureau, surnamed Yin, an office staff told reporters, after the video had been in the local pass for a while, but the specific circumstances, she is not clear. At the same time, the staff told reporters, "because the video length is short, and there is no clear explanation antecedents and consequences." This morning, China Youth Network received the relevant departments to respond, said the video is indeed in Tangshan, Leting local. The staff said that since the incident has passed nearly three months, the specific details have been blurred. The inspectors will hold into the watermelon peddler behavior of law enforcement vehicles, the explanation is because the hawkers in the street stall selling watermelon behavior is in violation of the relevant provisions, the inspectors consider hawker life is not easy, then only confiscated two watermelons as punishment". After the incident, the Leting Urban Management Bureau found that law enforcement officers improper behavior, its criticism and education, has made a corresponding punishment.相关的主题文章:

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