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The rabbit IP set "the rabbit big dream" Mobile Games official online by fish "the rabbit" cartoon game to join together to create "the author light flying rabbit big dream", since September 28th the last apple AppStore popular game player. In order to give the official game player provides a perfect game experience, I have created a rabbit style "flower" base. "The big dream of the rabbit" Meng official website formally launched (natu.xianyugame).   on-line according to the rise of home warm flowers "the rabbit big dream" highly reduced work produced by the original plot, game animation throughout the story line, the game of all weapons, hurdles are highly historical and the original "rabbit", let the game player can feel the rise of flowers home in the game. More than 20 original and made hundreds of cartoon animation, embedded, making excellent style, music, sound plus the game fine, let the flower house rabbits had on their own. "The big dream of the rabbit" will combine the original content with the game fun gameplay, allowing players to play in a different military strategy game.   focus on the official website of the rabbit IP big integration of the official website of the on-line rabbit comics, animation and games into one, to build a large collection of rabbit IP. The site has not only the latest rabbit animation, comics for the majority of players to watch. In the official website, game player can also hear the original voice of justice, brave rabbit shouted: "come to a happy face"; "but I wish by democratic men" Eagle sauce vociferously sea; bear the popular saying: "I don’t want to see the gun pulled calf!" And so on a series, want to see the details of the big country dream of the rabbit, the introduction of hand travel, games and other content quickly came to the official website. Of course, the rabbit hand tour of the latest information, activities, such as the Raiders, Raiders are also readily available. In addition, the official website (natu.xianyugame) will also provide a variety of benefits and interactive content. According to the sky, the sky is blue!   the rabbit gathered to share website log on the official website of the fun of the game, game player can be directly through the scan code to download the game, but also enough to receive exclusive game activation package, this early in the game to help flower rabbit one step ahead. In addition, the "rabbit big dream" website also provides every kind of game player access to information channels, in addition to the latest WeChat, micro-blog through to understand "the rabbit big dream" the website also provides that the rabbit Mobile Games Post Bar entrance for the majority of game player, let the majority of players can find like-minded friends. Exchange game experience and share the fun of the game.   on the future to improve the user experience online official website is just the first step in the rabbit and the players in-depth exchanges. The future, the official will also open the individual center, combat query function, game player can also have the strategic space of their own, can easily understand their own data and power here. With the continuous enrichment of the game content, the official website will gradually set up players forum, game feedback and other modules, so that players can be met in the game.相关的主题文章:

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