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At the age of five is only half of Xinjiang sheep horns attracted a crowd of onlookers (Figure) – Bohu Beijing in the lake in August 29, (Wang Lubin) "had a lifetime of sheep, first encountered such a thing, really surprising!" In 28, Xinjiang Bohu County tower temperature sensation Ken Xiang Ao W Village, 69 year old mamtimin? Ismael Yili pointed to a long has five horns small sheep, cheerfully to watch the news to the villagers said. Since this sheep only half a year old, had 5 horns, mamtimin? Ismael Yili township is located and Bohu County residents want to see it, there are a lot of people watching every day. According to the observation, the sheep docile, with five horns on the head and ears have a particularly long, particularly prominent in sheep. In addition to the 2 horns on the top of the head only ordinary, there are two sides of left ear, right ear length was slightly larger and has a slightly smaller. After the measurement, the little sheep on the horns of a maximum of 16 cm, the shortest is 10 cm. From the head, it looks like the 5 antenna wireless router. Part of the look, like a wireless router 5 antennas. Photo by Wang Lubin mamtimin asked to feed sheep in what feed, Ismael? I said, usually only some of the field feed and feeding rotten rotten apples, pears, did not put any additives. Bohu county animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau Senior Veterinary Officer Li Hong said, a long sheep horn, rarely seen, in general, will appear in the cross head. "It is probably a genetic variation in the genetic process that is caused by the inbreeding of the ewe and the ram." (end)相关的主题文章:

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