Heavy rains caused dozens of residents trapped in Yongxing County Fire Brigade emergency rescue tran-caxa实体设计

Yongxing County, dozens of residents of the storm caused by the rescue of emergency rescue officers and men of the transfer of the fire – heavy rain caused by heavy rainfall in some low-lying sections of the county. Hou Xiaofang photo Beijing, Yongxing, August 26, (Ceng Xiang Hou Xiaofang) the morning of August 26th, 6 pm to 10 pm, Yongxing County of Hunan heavy rain, maximum rainfall reached 150 mm, resulting in some low-lying areas of urban water seriously, some residents were trapped. Rain fire brigade emergency rescue, rescue a total staff of 42 people to evacuate the danger zone. According to the sand river county community party secretary Xu Jiangwen introduced, the county town of silver district court because the low-lying, drainage pipeline aging, rainwater intrusion caused serious flooding, the water has a floor door blocked, and there is a rising trend, there are more than 50 people were trapped in the home. Including 8 elderly, pregnant women, children, 5, 1. After receiving a call from the residents, the local organization immediately organized more than 20 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. The area of water more than one meter deep, the fire brigade? Murky water, quickly to carry out rescue operations, from door to door to rescue the trapped personnel evacuation. After several rescue trapped people, building including the elderly, children, pregnant women and other 42 people were rescued, ordered the evacuation of more than a dozen young adults in the fire brigade under the leadership. After the transfer of the masses have been properly placed. (end)相关的主题文章:

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