Changbai Mountain August Piaoxue The rumor expert This is not under the snow graupel Beijing-dnf商人吧

Changbai Mountain August Piaoxue? The rumor expert: This is not the snow under the graupel Beijing – 25, a Changbai Mountain snow pictures crazy pass in the circle of friends and micro-blog, everyone is talking about, the snow fell in Changbai Mountain in August. Changbai Mountain really ushered in this year’s first snow? China Jilin network reporter interviewed Changbai Mountain Tianchi weather station responsible person, the answer is: it is not snow, sleet. Photo taken in 2013 is not the evening of 25 so-called Changbai Mountain, there is a map with the truth." The reporter saw this piece in the circle of friends crazy pictures, pictures really had heavy snow and fog, looks chilly. For the rest of August, snow is rare or time, but in previous years Changbai Mountain has experienced such a situation, so many users for Gospel truth. However, Changbai Mountain Tianchi weather station Engineer Wang Guoxiang told reporters: "it is not at all last night in Changbai Mountain, the shooting time in early October 2, 2013! Is a tourist travel" published in Changbai Mountain "in the snow." The snow not snow lasts for only 4-5 minutes then 25 days in Changbai Mountain in the end there weather how? Changbai Mountain weather station Engineer Wang Guoxiang told Chinese Jilin network reporter, during 25 afternoon to evening, the temperature is low, the Changbai Mountain Tianchi over falling graupel and small particles, far from looking like the white. Snow, but this is not the snow, to the ground instantly melted, did not form a stack, and the whole time lasted for 4-5 minutes. Although because of the low temperature, the possibility of the formation of snow, but in fact did not snow, the contents of the user is not true." Changbai Mountain meteorological station official said. The snow is solid precipitation is graupel condenses small ice particles is what sleet and snow? What is the difference? The reporter got the answer from reading a lot of information. Generally speaking, the atmospheric solid precipitation is divided into ten types: snow, snow, snow, star of columnar crystals, Zhuang Xuejing, needle like crystals, multi axis irregular snow, sleet, ice and hail. The first seven are collectively known as snow. Why behind the three cannot be called snow? Originally by the gaseous water vapor into the solid water has two processes, one is the first water vapor into the water, then the water condenses into ice; there is a water vapor without water directly into ice water, this process is called sublimation. Snow is the solid water vapor in the sky by the sublimation. Is a lot of condensation of frozen ice graupel plasmid attached surrounded product set in snow around, the snow was masking solid precipitation shape. News links: snow in the high water vapor encounters cold air condenses into small particles appeared in the snow or snow, sleet and Snow said the pill or soft hail, by spherical opaque white (sometimes conical), solid precipitation, snow like structure composed of ice particles in diameter 2-5mm, a hard often rebound, crisp fragile. (Jilin Reuters reporter Chinese chuyang)相关的主题文章:

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