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Women do bank card for eight years have ignored nearly five thousand yuan arrears – Sohu news bank card money take after the tube has not an annual membership fee of $50 for 8 years to 5000 yuan arrears bank proposed the timely processing of the user name card reporter Shi Wei "received text messages, said my bank card, thought is a liar. I didn’t expect to owe so much money." Yesterday, Ms. Yu people to reflect the Wuhan evening news, she said 8 years ago to do a bank card, have kept no results, rather baffling generated nearly 5000 yuan in arrears. "Dormant card" 8 years out of nearly 5000 yuan in arrears "in 2008, I want to take a few thousand dollars from Shiyan to Wuhan, the road safety do not worry, a bank card. Then the money out, the bank card has been no tube." Ms. Yu said, her this card is bound to her son’s mobile phone number, from last year began to receive SMS tips, said this card arrears more than 4 thousand yuan, more than a woman thought it was a scam short interest is ignored. "This year, received a few, the amount of arrears more than last year, nearly 5000 yuan. I think this card is wrong, I have never used, how would owe?" Ms. Yu said, the bank with her bank card to Hankou Zhuyeshan inquiry, the staff told her that this card is issued earlier this year, the market has been very rare, so she went to the Jianghan Road branch. I arrived at the request of the branch of the card to play the water to see how the costs generated. "Can only be found in 2014 after the cost is 1000 yuan in arrears before 2014. Staff said that every year in the annual fee deduction, "ligunli" rolled into it." MS Yu said that the scene did not solve the problem, only to reflect the situation in Wuhan evening news. Branch staff, Ms. Yu holds the bank card annual fee of 50 yuan deducted annually, and Ms. Yu did not timely bank card account, causing cumulative cost. "We have learned that she did not overdraw the card, the money is not due to overdraft generated, so in accordance with the provisions of the fees can be cleared, and will not produce any deduction. She can also be cancelled, also can not ignore." The bank advised the timely processing of "dormant card" bank card only a few dollars, even the empty card, if not long-term care, will have a plan? Arrears will have an impact on the user? Wuhan evening news reporter has contacted the China Construction Bank, industrial and commercial bank, China Merchants Bank, agricultural bank customer service phone, the staff suggested that, if the card is not used for a long time, as early as possible cancellation processing. Several bank customer service staff have explained that, if an ordinary bank card account will be deducted 10 yuan, annual fee, and each quarter will be deducted 3 yuan small account management fees, if the user does not take care of long-term accounts, bank cards become "dormant card", the account will have arrears, but the situation is not included in the personal credit system that does not affect the life of the user. If you will use the bank card, you need to pay the costs owed to continue to use, if not to use the bank card, can be ignored.相关的主题文章:

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