Beijing teachers treat a kitchen dinner Zuisi’s family sued 19 colleagues in Beijing-carmex润唇膏

Beijing teachers treat a kitchen dinner Zuisi’s family sued 19 colleagues – JINGWAH Beijing Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) 35 year old Lee was originally Beijing 15 star hotel chef, to welcome the new year, the hotel chef cooks dinner organized firewood, but Mr. Lee died of excessive drinking. Because of that colleagues failed the first time Mr. Lee will be sent to hospital and in hospital after gastric lavage treatment refused Lee’s family, will drink with 19 colleagues to court, claims more than 136 yuan. The day before yesterday morning, the Chaoyang Court hearing the case. > > the plaintiffs are advised not to stop drinking and gastric lavage refused the doctor yesterday morning, the case in Chaoyang court. The plaintiffs, the last night of December 31st, to celebrate the new year’s day, the hotel chef firewood in the name of the individual contribution, called Mr. Lee and others in the "old town pot agriculture exhibition dinner, firewood to carry more beer, liquor. In the meantime, Mr. Li because of drinking too much at the dinner on the spot down and drunken coma, but did not stop drinking and dinner. The next day at 2:25 in the morning, Mr. Li was sent to the hospital, on the morning of 11, the hospital issued a notice, Mr. Li has been in hospital emergency rescue in icu. After 17 days of rescue, Lee or died due to alcoholism died. The plaintiff said that Lee was sent to the hospital and his coma, without the presence of family members under the escort Mr. Lee to the hospital colleagues told the doctor that "refused to check the gastric lavage". The plaintiff that the defendant does not stop at Mr. Li drink much, but also don’t let the doctor to delay the best rescue time of gastric lavage. After the incident, firewood and chefs for humanity and colleagues to raise the feelings of 16 thousand yuan. For the money, the plaintiff lawyers said they expressed gratitude, but the donation does not make up for their wrongdoing. Lee mother visual disability, daughter is only 5 years old, the sum of money is an utterly inadequate measure for the families, the 19 co defendants compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, death compensation, mental damages, living expenses and the loss of 70% of the cost of a total of more than 136 yuan. > > and because the defendant argued not Quanjiu colleagues to sign with the plaintiff appeal, the defendant that cooks did not persuade Mr. Li in the drink, drunk also promptly sent to hospital for treatment, so it should not bear responsibility, "the doctor is for families to sign, the sign is not entitled to colleagues. If the gastric lavage is due to Lee dying, doctors believe that the gastric lavage is emergency measures, do not need to seek the advice of colleagues, whether gastric lavage should be decided by a doctor, not determined by peers." The defendant’s lawyer believes that the hospital has issued a notice, said Mr Li and irreversible brain damage, because alcohol injury can induce heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, hypoglycemia, colleagues accompanied Lee for medical treatment, has responsibility, it should not bear responsibility. On the court, mutual cross examination of evidence, and colleagues around the dinner should bear responsibility for a heated debate. In the court mediation stage, the plaintiff claims about 1000000 yuan, while the defendant said only to compensate for the $fifty thousand to $three, the gap between the two sides is too large, the court mediation to stop, the case will be scheduled to declare.相关的主题文章:

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