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The chairman of the 48 Group: the G20 summit in Hangzhou will propose a global progress road – International – British 48 Group Chairman Stephen? Perry told UK interview the financial crisis of 2008 is a warning from the regulation of the development of the world, it shows that the global architecture has been uncontrollable forces hijacked, which shares the strength of the world market poses a threat, but also threaten the stability of people’s life all over the world. It poses a threat to both developed and developing economies.  , a global regulatory and regulatory body set up during and after the Second World War, was found unable to cope with the crisis. G20 is launched in order to establish a new organization to fill this gap, this organization covers both developed and developing countries, and maintain financial and monetary stability between them, to support the global economy sustainable development. All over the world, we can still see that creating a stable world, so that the economy can be sustained and stable development of the concept of the structural impact. In Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, we can see the distribution of interests of internal globalization, between countries and countries injustices question. The slow progress of the reform and adjustment of the original system has been a challenge for the leaders of the world. This is not just about the effectiveness of quantitative easing and its exit routes, not just about carbon emissions and environmental solutions. Its purpose is not only to set up a new mechanism to strengthen and develop the WTO organization, in the past 15 years appears to be mild and weak growth. This is a page for how countries can bring to global growth opportunities to make a coordinated response, and these opportunities can benefit people in the world in sustainable economic development, will also have the opportunity to related to the conflict and intolerance to challenge, and will focus on improving the power of human life on people of all nations. G20 is the best form of forum to face reality, to explore how to deal with the challenges, and to promote direct communication between leaders of developed and developing countries. G20 is a developing organization that requires participants to find effective ways of communicating, building solutions and institutions to promote the emergence and success of the new world after years of effort. In China will host the G20 summit is a symbolic moment, when globalization challenges, all countries are committed to finding solutions, rather than build a closed fence. The G20 conference, which is chaired by China as the president, will present a path of global progress, one that can be carried out in different areas and regions. Chinese "The Belt and Road" initiative is a catalyst for global economic growth, the developing and developed countries combined in a will involve trillions of dollars and first-class technical projects, and change the connection between Asia and Europe, africa. This is the time for G20 to reach the twenty-first Century agenda, and it is also a time to prevent a recession in twentieth Century. G20 era is coming, G20 should be ready. (this is the chairman of the 48 Group Club Perry for the people)相关的主题文章:

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