Woman was arrested for fear of telecommunications fraud 26 thousand afraid to report-wegener肉芽肿

The woman was afraid of getting caught 26 thousand telecommunications fraud did not dare to report the original title: Telecom fraud 26 thousand women’s fear of being caught dare report Wu’s friend said that she had been cheated 26 thousand yuan, advised her to go to the police, as the victim Ms. Wu did not dare to report. She said: I went to the police will be arrested directly, but also sentenced to 10 years or more." What the hell is this? 22 year old Xi’an citizens Wu recently received a mysterious phone call at work, "you are Wu Moumou, your ID number is × × × ×? Your ID card shows a broadband business in Shanghai, suspected of gambling, I hope you can cooperate with the Shanghai police investigation." Said the phone. This let Wu very puzzled, play her work machine, reported her personal data are correct. Ms. Wu extremely nervous, and then in accordance with the dial operation, the phone was transferred to the person claiming to be the Shanghai public security bureau. "The phone, the other said I alleged money laundering cases, I suspect this case, involving 2 million 400 thousand." Wu hastened to explain to each other, is not a public security mistake. Because they believe, Ms. Wu also entered the trap set by the other party. The other side let me pay 36 thousand yuan deposit, said the exclusion of the suspect will refund the money." "I have only 26 thousand yuan," she said. And borrow money from friends." But Ms. Wu did not dare to tell friends why money urgently. "The other party said that I was involved in the case of the national security secrets two cases. Once the leak will be held liable for me, I may be cleared of charges of economic cases, finally because the leak has been caught in public security. And the other side also stressed that the case is not allowed to me to the local police in Xi’an, once the leak I will be arrested by the police sentenced to 10 years or more." Ms. Wu said. It is a friend from the Wu mouth out why she is in urgent need of money. I am a telecommunications fraud, let her go to the police." Wu’s friend said, but she did not dare to go, said the leak was arrested by the police. She never believed that she was cheated. The last is my persistence, took her to the Baqiao Public Security Bureau police station red flag." Currently, the red flag police station has been involved in the investigation. Ms. Wu is suffered a typical telecommunications fraud, "police said," we do not believe the police repeatedly stressed that the way of handling telephone inquiries, but does not require people to send money to the public security department. People must first report after being cheated. The more timely the report, the greater the likelihood of loss recovery." China Daily reporter Xie Tao editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章:

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