Shangqiu 21 year old female students lying in a pool of several passers-by to help-1926年属相�

Shangqiu 21 year old female students lying in a pool of several passers-by to help Dahe River · reporter Chen Haifeng client Intern Chen Mengmeng Ventura "I was lying in a pool of blood, blood is the coat and trousers, if not well intentioned people to come to the rescue, I really can not imagine what is now." A week ago, 21 year old Wang Di in an accident on the way to school bloodbath, well intentioned people by timely rescue, help the bandage the bleeding head, and timely emergency telephone call, the hospital timely treatment, and ultimately, the girl turned the corner. Currently, has been discharged treatment. On the morning of September 21st, river client reporter saw the injured girl Wang Di and his family in his home. "I can save my life now, thanks to the help of some kind people." Injured girl Wang Di said. According to Wang Di, she is 21 years old, is a junior student of Shangqiu Normal University. The morning of September 13th, she went to school to ride electric vehicles, in the city of the Yangtze River Crossing suddenly encountered a retrograde vehicle, she subconsciously suddenly brakes, because of inertia, a head on the ground, "head knock a big hole, the blood is shed, the coat and trousers were blood stained." After the accident, Wang Di family received a phone call, it has been rushed to hospital for treatment. After Wang Di’s mother Zhang Lin multi inquire, and finally found that help give children the wound and the alarm telephone can be well intentioned people, "has bailed out the well intentioned people did not always feel what, refused to show up, there are a few good people even contact are not, they really do not changerapidly, the more so the more we want to personally thank them." Zhang Lin said. Through the Zhang Lin contact, the reporter contacted the man Wang Jianjun, after much shirk, Wang Jianjun finally accepted the reporter’s interview. "It’s nothing! At that time saw the child lying in a pool of blood, if you don’t help, conscience!" said Wang Jianjun. According to Wang Jianjun, the 13 day morning 7 am, he in the Yangtze River Road, east near the police station to see a lot of onlookers in the morning, passing near ten Xinyuan families, so he approached a look, found on one side of the face of a girl lying in the driveway toward the ground, the motionless, pale, on a beach the blood, the blood outflow kept long hair down the head, clothes is the scene of blood, although there are many onlookers, some pictures, some onlookers, "probably because of various reasons is that no one to see how the children." "It’s not going to be like this, otherwise there will be life threatening," Wang Jianjun said. Then, Wang Jianjun came to see the child, immediately call the 120 emergency telephone and alarm call, then some good hearted people, a more than and 30 year old man from the car trunk with a first-aid box, a more than and 50 year old lady girl sat up, Wang Jianjun gave the girl head with gauze bandage. "Go quickly! My car was sent to the hospital, waiting for the 120 coming, do not delay the rescue time!" said Wang Jianjun, a more than and 40 year old man driving a black Mercedes from the crowd came to him and said, just as they were when Wang Diwang men’s car shelves, 120 emergency vehicles rushed over. "What a nice guy!" Wang Di was picked up by the ambulance,.相关的主题文章:

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