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Energy-saving one and a half years to release a new album cover and MV public popularity girl yoyol wood Bi will be on sale in December 14th third mini album "often to China (formerly: human studies Dhaka," this is the second in), energy-saving 1 years after half of the album. Today (November 15th) album cover, artist portrait and short MV officially announced. Energy-saving "into the & Noyes miraj; #12540, Music;" Video (short ver.) Lezzet Warl (formerly known as: "do not, Noyes, miraj)" as the album’s title song, also filmed MV, using a special camera at MV in the filming of "super close image" is the biggest thing. But what is it? Very much looking forward to. The new album contains 6 songs by famous lyricist Fujibayashi Masako for lyrics, bermei.inazawa, inktrans, music by the composer completed kidlit three. This will be different from the previous songs with musical instruments as the basis of the creation of the way, will be the voice of the main axis for recording. The album is usually divided into disc and the first limited disc on sale, the first limited disc cover in energy-saving white hair, with horns on the head, standing on the alien planet similar environment, you have a butterfly. And usually in the dish of the wood in the background of a country in the context of the cauliflower fairy tale wind environment, play with the butterfly, quite interesting. The first limited price excluding tax 3000 yen (about 192 yuan), the general price excluding tax 2500 yen (about 160 yuan), the complete collection of song album MV, fans do not miss oh! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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