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If you think it is love, you will not be able to see the love of public concern, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public number is psychological "passing from your world don’t be afraid, I am not to recommend the movie. Although I contributed to the film at the box office, but I really can not praise it. There are still tears girl in the dark, there are a lot of people say running like PigHead is really too sad. But, maybe I really too (of) cold, so that I can not in the movie "love moved regardless of personal danger.". Watch the way I keep memories of a bedtime story "passing from your world" in the original eighteen, Mao love is not that of the brain but, love is not so deliberately PigHead sad…… When I read Zhang Jiajia’s words, I was moved. How did the film become this? Tips, reading can be, the film carefully look. The movie "from your world through" then by a slightly failed love movies, we might as well to talk about, what is love in the end? About 6, 7 years ago, I began to learn professional psychology, every night, three drinks, I became friends of the "midnight emotional hotline". Over the years, we have encountered a variety of love, a variety of different living conditions, but summed up, basically around the two basic questions: what is love? How do I find myself in love? On the first question, what is love? In fact, I don’t know, I don’t know what love is, for a long time, I have been because of confusion in "what love is what feeling" and "lonely life" as the theme song of life, not to love can be love. One day, I recorded a radio program in the choice of love and miss Gong Xueping, house of the teacher said a word "if you don’t know what you need or want too much, so as not to think about their own what". This sentence makes me feel that love is such ah, if we don’t know what is love, do not know what love is, so as to think about what is not love, after all, excluding the wrong option, meet the love would be some chance. In any case, I love you love you love to do anything for you is not a love movie, Mao eighteen in order to save litchi, dead! You came out to talk to us. In fact, more than love movies, many literary works, love quotes are trying to convey a message to you: one day, you will meet a person who is willing to do anything for you. He was willing to die for you, is willing to hand over the pay card stock account of real estate resources and even life for you, before meeting him, the rest is not love, but if not meet this person, you seem to have a little sad. In fact, fortunately, most people have not encountered such a person; in the event, to escape a point, or a careless person is borderline personality can do. Mao eighteen and litchi in our love life, will encounter big相关的主题文章:

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