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31 provinces to cancel the account of the general agricultural farmers can enjoy the benefits of September 19th, Beijing on further promote the implementation of the reform of the household registration system, the official introduction. As of now, the country’s 31 provinces have introduced their own reform scheme, and the abolition of all agriculture accounts for more than half a century, marking the "city people" and "country folk" two yuan of household registration system in China from the stage of history. What are the effects of abolishing agricultural accounts on farmers? What benefits can farmers enjoy? Xinhua viewpoint reporter on several issues of concern to the public tracking. Focus one: the impact of the interests of farmers? In July 2014, the State Council issued "on further reform of the household registration system of opinions" put forward, "the establishment of a unified household registration system, the abolition of agricultural and non-agricultural household accounts to distinguish the nature and derived therefrom, such as the blue print account account type, unified registration for residents accounts." More than two years, the country’s 31 provinces have introduced the relevant household reform program, the general proposed cancellation of agricultural accounts. Such as Beijing, Shanghai proposed to cancel the agricultural and non-agricultural Hukou household distinction, unified registered as resident accounts; Hunan, the public security organs for registration is no longer marked hukou, is no longer based on the nature of the account statistics of agricultural population and non-agricultural population; Guizhou proposed that "other households" column is no longer registered agricultural or non-agricultural, unified registration for family or collective households. Since the beginning of 1958, according to the division of agricultural accounts and non-agricultural accounts, resulting in different interests, protection and treatment. The rights and interests of agricultural accounts are mainly responsible and homestead, rather than the interests of agricultural accounts are mainly attached to the social welfare of the household registration, including education, health care, employment, insurance, housing, etc.. Some people worry that the cancellation of agricultural accounts will affect the interests of farmers. The rural problem research experts, Harbin Institute of Technology School of Management Professor Lin Yifu pointed out that the reform of the household registration system is not "agricultural non change", but the abolition of identity of farmers in the agricultural accounts, the farmers and urban residents unified renamed residents, eliminate discrimination and identity across the region, and gradually realize the integration of urban and rural residents social management and public service equalization. Therefore, the abolition of agricultural accounts will not affect the attachment of the collective land contract right behind the agricultural accounts, the right to use rural homestead, village collective economic distribution rights, such as the "three rights"." Yifu Lin said, "unified identity is just a symbol, the household registration reform can obtain the key lies in the effectiveness of follow-up and implementation of the supporting policies, namely the elimination of dependent on the account the nature of such as health care, employment, housing security and other aspects of discrimination, truly realize the full coverage of urban basic public services." Focus two: can the city and enjoy the same benefits? Beijing, Shanghai and other places in the new deal proposed to establish and improve the registration system with a unified urban and rural household registration system to adapt to education, health planning, employment, social security, housing, land and population statistics system. After the identity of farmers and urban residents, there is no agricultural accounts and non-agricultural accounts of the points, only geographical differences." Wuhan University sociology professor Zhou Yunqing said that the current urban and rural residents medical base相关的主题文章:

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