ID card loss caused by the case of the bottom of the college students were arrested by the police-驯龙高手dm456

The ID card is lost to "record" students were arrested [Abstract]21 morning, East China Jiaotong University Junior Huang Cheng walked on the road by several police to arrest the "national network name fugitive wanted", take away the trial over an hour… The students made a circle of friends lamented the SMS screenshot October 21st morning, East China Jiaotong University 3 Huang Cheng students go on the road by several police to arrest the fugitive national network name, wanted to take away the trial over an hour, and finally provide an alibi, was able to escape. The reporter learned that, previously, Huang Cheng together on suspicion of illegal detention and become Yunnan Xishuangbanna public security blackmail and impose exactions on the case, the State Bureau of Menghai county "network wanted criminals". Menghai police a police said, Huang Cheng student ID card is lost, being fraudulent crime. Xishuangbanna Public Security Bureau staff, the police have contact with Huang Cheng, revoke the identity of its "fugitives", which will be given compensation. The school network generated fugitives have never been to Yunnan Huang Cheng, did not think of himself, will have the intersection with Xishuangbanna. Huang Cheng is a Jiujiang, in Nanchang, East China Jiaotong University Institute of international trade. In the afternoon of October 20th this year, when he was in Nanchang city wide avenue, the head came to a few men, and stopped him. Later, Huang Cheng told reporters recalled that these people did not dressed in police uniforms, but to produce the police ID and arrest warrant, and claimed to be Nanchang police, asked Huang Cheng with the survey. See such a scene, or a junior student Huang Cheng some nervous, can not help asking why". In front of these police told Huang Cheng in Yunnan, because he suspected of illegal detention by the police and blackmail and impose exactions on others, Yunnan County of Menghai as a "national network at large, and they wanted this trip, is to assist the police in Menghai, the implementation of the arrest of Huang Cheng. After hearing this, Huang Cheng said that his first reaction is not to believe". He said he was a college student, grew up in Jiangxi, has never been to Yunnan, it is impossible in Xishuangbanna crime". Therefore, Huang Cheng instinctively suspected that he encountered a fake police, so they began to break free, turned to go, and several police clashed, causing passers-by onlookers. Huang Cheng to provide photo shows obvious scratches on his elbow. Huang Cheng said that the conflict, he was pushed to the ground, the body multiple abrasions. Although struggling for a while, was eventually stuffed into the car to take away. ID card lost caused by the crime, what happened next, in Huang Cheng seems, like a dream". 20 afternoon, Huang Cheng was brought into a police station in the city of Nanchang interrogation room. Just entered the door, a police that he introduced the case, and its verification has not done". In this regard, Huang Cheng immediately denied, and that he has no alibi. Subsequently, Huang Cheng was photographed, trial, more than an hour long. Eventually, by the school counselor to come forward, Huang Cheng back to school. A student, how will become a network of fugitives? Menghai County Public Security Bureau police handling a case, said the evening of October 16th, the suspect used Huang Cheng’s identity card, a hotel in Menghai opened a room for the victims of illegal detention and.相关的主题文章:

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