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Take care of the younger generation of millions of elderly people trapped and leave the hometown, experts interviewed: Nanjing University college professor, China population Institute Professor Cheng Yu Chen Youhua of Zhongshan University, executive director of sociology and anthropology Chinese gerontology and Geriatrics Society of elderly mental branch secretary general Yang Ping in the elderly is a special group, known as the "old drift group". For a variety of reasons, they left their hometown and came to a completely strange city life. This change makes more and more mobile elderly into a physical and mental difficulties. Four be care for the children left home stay here too humbled!" Song grandmother from the Northeast bluntly say their feelings in Beijing. 3 years ago, in order to take care of newborn grandson to help her daughter, she came from the northeast of Beijing. Because for years, the daughter does not trust her a person back home, grandmother will stay in Beijing pension. In 3 years, in addition to buy food and go to the kindergarten grandson, she almost never go downstairs. "In his home when nothing can come here on a door, no one and I laoke." The grandmother is sad when a daughter a sigh: "ah, every day to stay with grandma, talk is a taste of the northeast." Like Grandma song so many old people. 2015 national health and Family Planning Commission floating population health services survey shows that the floating population accounted for 7.2% of the total floating population. In 2015 China’s 247 million floating population, the country has nearly 18 million elderly people floating". Take care of the aged, pension and employment has become the three largest cause of old people flow. Among them, take care of the younger generation as high as 43%, to reunite with their children or offsite pension accounted for 25%, 23% of the elderly for business and workers flow. More and more old people to join the mobile army, has become a trend." Nanjing University college professor, Chinese Population Association executive director Chen Youhua said that more and more young people choose to settle in other city now, while the current 80 are in the life stage of raising the next generation, parents will have to leave home, take care of grandchildren responsibility. The "family" of the family flow trend is strengthening. Professor Cheng Yu of Zhongshan University School of sociology and anthropology, the old flow showing the flow characteristics of city – city ", in the southeast area of the city area of the city to the southeast area of the city flowing West to the north of Guangzhou city. Relatively speaking, the real mobility of the elderly to better understand the city’s life, from rural direct flow to the big cities in fact very little. These elderly family conditions may not be particularly good, but it will not be particularly poor, mostly middle-income families." Chen Youhua also believes that the future for quite some time, the elderly in rural areas will still live in rural areas, rather than the city. Loneliness is the biggest problem of "old drift group" "drift" is not homeless, but leave the hometown." Cheng Yu believes that the flow of the city to the city, the most prominent problem is the lack of the necessary social support for the elderly mobility, resulting in a strong sense of loneliness. Invisible cultural wall". Many mobile elderly have a common feeling, feel that he came to the city, become;相关的主题文章:

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