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Zibo Zhangdian simplify formalities accurate service   the administrative examination and approval of "zero barrier" — Shandong Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Zibo in September 30, September 20th, Zibo public Zhang Bo Zhangdian district by the online business lobby to help a friend Niu Zhaohui formally submitted to the established automobile service company for 23 days to complete the relevant formalities, on the spot to get a smooth business license. Now do not go out, a lot of things can be handled through the network, save a lot of energy." Zhang Bo told reporters, a few years ago to set up their own business, the business sector will only run back and forth a few times I do not know, now all the process at one go through the Zhangdian District, the online business lobby, you can consult, query, download, online reporting, online examination and approval department for examination, can be informed of the results. The online business hall of "simple procedures through the portal, WeChat two-dimensional code, touch screen, service windows placed their guide and flow charts, the approval of the content, procedures, approval basis, application materials, commitment time and charges" six open ‘, fully dig the portals for publicity do content. Accept online consulting, reporting and query evaluation of complaints, the approval process full traces." Zhangdian district administrative examination and approval service center director Liu Wenfeng introduction. At present, the online business hall of a total of 335 permits matters and public service matters 124 (according to statistics, items) a net total for the number 19312. This year, Zhangdian District online approval for the total number of days decreased from 1271 days to 1070 days, the speed efficiency of 15.8%, Grade A (0 errands for matters of grade B (1) to run errands to handle matters of approval) accounted for more than 90%. In April 25th, for the convenience of the masses, Zhangdian district government office issued the "notice on the adjustment of a number of administrative approval items canceled, and undertake" (Zhang office word 2016 No. 43) and "on the clean-up standards to undertake issues related to administrative approval and administrative approval intermediary service matters notice" (a word, 2016 No. 44), adjust the number of district level administrative approval and other matters of administrative power, and undertake to cancel, the district level administrative approval intermediary service matters clear specification. All the approval of the total steps from the original 1872 reduced to 1454, streamline the process of simplification of the rate of 22.3%. At the same time to simplify the declaration of materials, control laws and regulations and departmental policies to sort out the cancellation of 506 non essential reporting materials, simplified rate of 22.9%. Joint construction projects to create efficient service in September 13th 14:00, Zhangdian District, the nineteenth joint meeting of the administrative examination and approval service center in Zhangdian. Zhangdian district construction project joint approval work leading group office, planning, environmental protection, housing more than 10 departments and the chief representative of construction, fire and other dry grinding and Shandong Hao Mstar Technology Ltd, Shandong City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. gold related 9 item company representatives attended the meeting. During the meeting, the relevant owners of the project were carried out on behalf of the specific circumstances of the various departments of the chief representative of the site also made a preliminary review of the project, the ability to handle the relevant construction procedures相关的主题文章:

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