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LG cup Chinese players division of South Korea’s biggest crisis is not lost. – Sohu in November 16th, the twenty-first session of the   sports; LG Cup World War Chess semi final in Hangzhou finished, Zhou Ruiyang white disc wins Ting Huan Park, Party Yifei Shen Zhenxu zhihei won by resignation, China player third times division LG cup final. This is the third time this year China chess player in the world series final realignment. After entering the second half, the South Korean players on all fronts facing comprehensive defeat without silverware, but the South Korean chess real crisis is not the competitive level downturn. The white Zhou Ruiyang against Pu Tinghuan. The current level of sixth Chinese Zhou Rui, Pu Tinghuan three years has been rated the first record against South Korea, Zhou Rui only in the first 2012 Braun Cup quarter finals won a game, the remaining 7 and 8 are lost. Online commentary Tan Xiao summed up the Bureau: 22 white layout doubt hand combat sense of direction is not quite right. From the beginning of dazzling white 42 battle, the overall feeling is black and slightly better. Black 81 serious mistakes. Finally, Pu Tinghuan’s last move should be black 155, although not under the most severe white or black dragon tactics, but suffered heavy losses. Zhou Rui scored second times LG, Fourth World Cup final contest. In 2013 the first Braun Cup final 3-0 eighteenth LG Cup final sunlight; 1-2 the eighth Chunlan Cup final girder; Li 0-2. The party against black Yifei Shen Zhenxu. 16 year old South Korean youth ranks at the top of the Korean score of third. Tan Xiao of the department summary: white first half to 103 is smooth, black very difficult situation. 104 mistakes obviously, being black combat off. White 120 do not know is good or bad chess game, the final defeat is white, the illusion is too far away from the 164! The decisive moment major mistakes, this lesson is worth a good reflection of the young Shen Zhenxu. Party Yifei second times in the world finals, the first time in 2012 fourth BC credit card Cup final 1-3 Bai Hong xi. The LG Cup final regardless of the outcome, the party Yifei can according to the relevant provisions of China Weiqi Association, apply for a helicopter nine. From Gu Li (thirteenth) to (eighteenth), Chinese fine light players had LG Cup title 6. But the nineteenth and twentieth South Korean players, strong counterattack, two consecutive swept the championship. The twenty-first Chinese player again strong, also in the final fight each other. This round of the world championship this year individual race (eleventh session, eighth session of the Chunlan cup on the cup and third cup, the twenty-first Samsung Braun cup, twenty-first LG cup, the first session of the new Austrian cup), Tang Weixing has won on the cup, kija, Chen Yaoye joined forces with Braun cup, kija Samsung Cup, the girder fine light realignment the final, Zhou Ruiyang, Yifei LG party realignment Cup finals, 6 games Chinese has identified 4 trophies. Chunlan 8 seats and 6-2 (Chinese kija, Tuo Jiaxi, MI Yu Ting, even laugh, Tan Xiao, Gu Zihao, Jin Zhixi, Pu Yongxun, South Korea), the new Austrian cup 8 strong South Korea 7-1 (Chinese kija seats and more, Zhou Ruiyang, Peng Liyao, Tan Xiao, Li Zhe, even laugh, Han)相关的主题文章:

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