Hongkong Sotheby’s launched dragon jewelry special diamond bracelet $one hundred thousand valuation-高达08ms小队

Hongkong Sotheby’s launched dragon jewelry special diamond bracelet valued one hundred thousand dollars Hongkong Sotheby’s "precious jewelry and jade jewelry auction in November 28th will be held at the Sotheby’s Hongkong art space, carefully collecting such as Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) and Cartire (Cartier) and other well-known brand jewelry, there are men’s jewelry unit for gentleman a top, and a series of natural colored gemstones, diamonds, pearls and jade etc.. Vice chairman of Sotheby’s Asia and Asia jewelry department Guo Jinyao said: "we are very happy in the upcoming November auction presents a variety of top brand jewelry boutique, and a series of men’s jewelry, for the pursuit of a refined taste. The festival is coming, the auction will cover different price, and is suitable for various occasions to wear jewelry, gifts for friends have been fed to the public, collectors and jewelry lovers shopping opportunities." Focuses on auction Mens Jewelry — elegant gentleman man jewelry appeared more than a century, can be seen in the early history of the monarchy and nobility of man, to wear gorgeous jewelry a symbol of status, a cut above others power and fame, as well as the current focus on instrumentation, Yi Guanchu Chu men’s taste statement. The men on clean clothes, the pursuit of quiet cool temperament. In order to pay tribute to this popular style, jewelry designers to create outstanding gentleman style jewelry, with new details, elegant taste, highlighting contemporary men’s charm. Men’s selection of jewelry, as long as the number of pieces of carefully taste auxiliary material enough to easily create elegant taste. 1.80 and 1.78 Cara "Brazil" Alexander oval natural color stone cufflinks on (lot 1697) value: 250000 to HK $300000 in 32300 to $38700 19.09 Cara oval "Sri Lanka" natural sapphire with diamond ring (lot 1698) value: 700000 to HK $900000 in 90500 to $117000 diamond with enamel and Emerald Necklace "leopard" with emerald and diamond; and onyx "leopard" ring, "Panthè re", Cartire (Cartier) (lot 1706) value: 95000 to HK $140000 to $18100 with 12300 Diamond Emerald dragon watch, "Dé cor Dragon, Cartire (Cartier) (lot 1701) value: 850000 to 1 110000, HK $100000 to $142000 with Onyx Diamond Men’s dress (lot 1700) value: 60000 to 80000 HK $7800 to HK $10, 40相关的主题文章:

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