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Western media like mad Zhang Yuning: the impact of the world cup Chinese key foreign media screenshot Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 9th, Western media "Gulf Times" wrote about 19 years old Chinese international Zhang Yuning, Zhang Yuning bluntly let China fans excited, he was a key figure in the full impact of Russia and the World Cup, is the cornerstone of the future of Chinese football. "China drew 0-0 with Iran in the game, Zhang Yuning is a country full of a few to threaten Iran’s defense player, his performance even by Iran coach Queiroz praised Zhang Yuning, even had the opportunity to score two times." Said the media in Western asia. "Gulf Times" also said: "in June, the Orangemen defeated Trinidad 4-2 and Tobago in the game, Zhang Yuning scored 2 goals, he is only a matter of time China first striker Gao Hongbo in Shenyang, and send him a shrewd move." For Zhang Yuning’s future, Western media is very optimistic. "Zhang Yuning let Chinese fans excited, China team tried second times to reach the World Cup finals, and Zhang Yuning is the Chinese team hope, is the cornerstone of future Chinese team." In addition, Western media also said: "the China team has won 12 finals with first points, although the South Korean team beat last week, but the score of 2-3 also let China team feel excited, they are full of expectations for the impact of the world cup." (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章:

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