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Inzaghi: Bayern Juventus AC Milan did not meet UEFA Champions League final can not think of Inzaghi heart AC Milan sina sports back ten years ago, the Champions League, Inzaghi can be said to be the most dazzling star. At that time, he not only helped AC Milan from the qualifying breakout success, still with Bayern Munich in the Champions League clash at the Allianz Arena yijianfenghou. 2007 Athens Champions League final stage is the highlight of the super Pippo Inzaghi, scored two and AC Milan team got together seventh Champions League history. Now Inzaghi has retired, in full swing the Champions League had no Rossoneri figure, people marvel. Recently, AC Milan legend Inzaghi told the "Milan sports newspaper" interview, talked about the Champions League – he scored 46 goals in the Champions League, in AC Milan two times, and also with Juventus in 1998 into the finals, but unfortunately defeated. "The Champions League is unparalleled for the players, you can feel the different atmosphere, I have to follow a strong club here, for me is a good memory." When asked to face the strongest defensive player who is, Inzaghi said: "I want to be faced when Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja, and Heinze. Yes, Liverpool’s Carragher is also a." When it comes to the old club problem when Pippo said: "this problem is very difficult to express, AC Milan has the DNA Champions League, and won many trophies. AC when will Milan return to the Champions League? I will always support it, as a player and coach I spent 14 years here. The team needs to get back on track as soon as possible, without AC Milan’s Champions League is unthinkable." At the same time, the coach of Juventus Mr. evaluated, "I think after the summer signings, Juventus and Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. The Bundesliga overlord is very powerful, but this year they have Ancelotti. Bayern Munich lineup is complete, their winger is so exciting, but Lavon is the best striker in the world, no doubt. Muller always by surprise, Douglas Costa would simply break through the defense." "Juventus is no doubt, Gonzalo Higuain, Baala and Man Giulia Ki Zi partner indestructible. Gonzalo Higuain, P Janic and Benatia’s signings is decisive, this let Pogba leave too little loss. But Juventus are facing a problem: they have to win. This puts pressure on the players." When asked how to look at Gonzalo Higuain and Dibala people will mix with Inzaghi and Piero, Pippo smiled: "they are very strong, but my first season and Piero cooperation into the Champions League final… They want to prove yourself, then led the team to win the championship, but the champion team offensive and defensive, Juventus can do it." (LK)相关的主题文章:

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