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CBA all star first invoice selection round 3: Han Dejun topped Las   selection; Han Dejun with 286082 of the vote topped the top three; – Han Dejun, Marbury and Guo Ailun; 2017 CBA all star first invoice choose a third round of voting results announced. From the official website of PC CBA terminal and wireless terminal data show that after 1186525 users to vote (> > winning friends list), Liaoning Yaodu Benxi Rockets center Han Dejun by 286082 votes. From the third week of voting results, North and South all star team lineup: Southern District Center: Yi Jianlian (226698): Zhou Peng striker (213548) Lin Zhijie (190562) defender: Liu Xiaoyu (156503) Frey Dieter (142307) North Center: Han Dejun (286082): Zhai Xiaochuan striker (209747) Ding Yanyu Airlines (193948) guard Marbury: (283485) Guo Ailun (280584) in addition, the expected impact of the first players: South Center: Wang Zhelin (205327): (188896) for the striker Roberto Zhao Yanhao (138579) North Center: Tao Hanlin (180648): Horace Tianju striker (186478) defender: Zhao Jiwei (249275) new players online straight Broadcast links, become the biggest highlight of this year’s all star vote. As of press time, Xinjiang Kashi City defender Wang Zirui, Shenzhen striker Meng Duo Marco Polo, Fujian Bank of Quanzhou striker Chen Linjian and Zhao Tailong through live online, real-time and fans interact happily. Observant fans will find that this year voted in the lower part of the page, adding players live plate. With the recent live online popular, as one of the highest degree of concern Chinese and influential sports league, CBA League is trying to catch up in the development of media form footsteps, has always been committed to bring fans the most fresh spectators and participation experience. In addition, the CBA all star game first selected invoice continuation of last year’s full list of candidates’ voting mechanism, in which all league players have become candidates have the opportunity to become the first all star game. The list is updated according to the League registration list. 2017 all star game, still using the North South Division of the game mode, that is, both against the South and North Star team. Can log on the official website of CBA and mobile H5 page to vote. Fans can scan the article at the end of the two-dimensional code, or log on Sohu news client, mobile Sohu sports channel to vote. By participating in the all star network voting, fans will have the chance to decide the South and the North Star team all 5 starters. According to the rules, there are no more than 2 foreign players in each of the team’s top 5 players. From the start of October 29th, the voting will continue until December 23rd section;相关的主题文章:

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