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A family of 2016 national fitness fitness Double Ninth Meeting Success Double Ninth Festival in October 9, 2016 on the same day, all over the country at the same time the "2016 Double Ninth National Fitness campaign. The activities of the National Center of the venue is located in Zhejiang Jiangshan City, east of the main venue located in Jiangsu, the main venue located in Malingshan yaowangshan mountain of Shaanxi, south of the main venue located in Yunnan, Qujing, north of the Pearl River source the main venue located in the Lake Jingpo in Heilongjiang, including Henan, Tianjin, and Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Guizhou and other more than and 10 provincial branch actively in response, many parts of the country to form a linkage, achieve the spectacle of nearly five hundred thousand people nationwide fitness climbing festival. The event is sponsored by the China Sports Federation, the Chinese Mountaineering Association, the Chinese Association of the elderly sports contractors, the potential to operate a large sports mass sports activities. It is worth mentioning that, in the other branch of national field according to local conditions to carry out mass activities, hiking climbing Plaza fitness leisure activities, professional athletes climbing competition of ethnic minorities, celebrations and other activities. Activity center, the main venue in Zhejiang Jiangshan City will also increase the "link of outdoor recreation, health Chinese" seminar will focus on "13th Five-Year" National Fitness Program "(2016-2020) promulgated under the big background, how the new fitness and leisure activities, the development of traditional sports leisure industry, leading a healthy lifestyle" discussions. The Double Ninth Festival is a traditional festival Chinese, from the Warring States era continues today, with a strong Chinese culture and strong spirit of Chinese property. The ancient "Double Ninth" pray for longevity, now festival will be given "respect for the elderly, and ZhuLao," a new era of holiday, is the perfect interpretation of the combination of traditional culture and the development of the times. 2016 the first national fitness activities to "Double Ninth Meeting of old age health happiness elderly health China" as the theme, to encourage the elderly to pursue a more healthy, active lifestyle, social attention to the mental health of elderly people, to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere, respecting and caring for the young. The first National Double Ninth Fitness Conference held simultaneously in the provinces and municipalities in large scale, wide influence. With the help of climbing fitness way, displaying a plurality of host and the unique charm of the festival customs, the "game" in the form of breaking: Jiangsu only "World Natural Heritage jianglangshan"; the famous tourism, summer resort and Lake Jingpo; natural landscape and cultural landscape, is rich in biological resources the "Malingshan"; the Tang Dynasty famous medical scientist Sun Simiao long retreat "yaowangshan"; "a drop of water in Sanjiang, a historic double disc" strange landscape of "Pearl River source" on the Double Ninth Festival this day will be the traditional perspective, chrysanthemum poetry customs continue and develop, making itself superior natural with the profound cultural heritage resources integration, gradually shaping their own publicity bronzing name card. Each venue tens of thousands of people gathered in the old man and the moisture everywhere grizzled vigorous children hand in hand together to participate in the activities, a good opportunity for every family into the elderly, care for the elderly, but also let the children in activities truly understand the "Double Ninth Festival".相关的主题文章:

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