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Provident fund deposit: embarrassing unfair differences generally invisible   waste is stored is? — people.com.cn Hainan channel — people.com.cn days ago, fancy Beijing near Fangzhuang, a 80 square meters of second-hand housing Yang Li, but in the commercial bank loan contract signed. After more than a week, he has been busy for the application of housing provident fund loans. But in the face of about 4200000 yuan housing price, only $1 million 200 thousand of the loan amount of the fund means Yang needs to come up with a down payment of 3 million yuan. Yang Li didn’t get that much money in the end. Loan portfolio loan time is too long, the owners do not agree with the basic, want to enjoy the low interest rates of provident fund loans, it is concluded that the high down payment, like me, the ‘poor’ basic and provident fund loans missed." "Workers daily" reporter found that many of the same general staff with Yang, paid in full and on time the provident fund, but can not be used when buying a house. Similar embarrassment to repeatedly criticized the fund, but also to a lot of workers on the fund can not love. Recently, many in the country experienced a new round of rising prices, the provident fund system "waste is stored is" renewed controversy. Provident fund "chicken ribs" for difficult, long cycle, low utilization rate, the provident fund is called "the main reason, but also an important basis for chicken ribs", many people called for the cancellation of the provident fund. Beijing state reserve fund whether it is approved loan or loan, there is no aging. May be two or three months, it may be longer, no one knows how long it will take provident fund loans." An industry source told reporters, from last year to April of this year, the state reserve fund loans basically stagnant. Despite the introduction of the corresponding policies in the field of provident fund loans in April, but with the housing prices rose significantly, the amount of provident fund loans is relatively reduced, the actual difficulty of further accumulation of provident fund loans. "In fact, buyers want to use provident fund, but prices 4489 yuan, provident fund loans up to 1 million 200 thousand yuan loan, many just need to get out of high shoufu. The combined loan time and up to two and a half months and even longer, who can afford to wait for the price of up to two or three months?" According to the Beijing chain home staff, in the actual transaction, the use of provident fund loans buyers fell 20% over last year. Beijing housing accumulation fund 2015 annual report shows that in 2015 the annual housing provident fund loans in Beijing 84 billion 886 million yuan, involving housing units of 101367. The actual payment of workers in Beijing more than 6 million 500 thousand people, the proportion of the use of the fund in Beijing, the proportion of workers paid only about 1.5%. According to the "national housing provident fund 2015 annual report", 2015 housing provident fund paid staff of 123 million 933 thousand and 100 people, the annual payment of individual housing provident fund loans 3 million 125 thousand pen, the number accounted for only 2.5% of the number of subscribers. Provident fund brings invisible injustice and the use of low compared to the difference between the fund deposit and derived from the hidden benefits, robbing the poor to the rich and other equity issues caused a greater controversy. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of economics researcher Wang Lina told this reporter that the last 90 years相关的主题文章:

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