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Jiangsu notified 4 cases of violation of the provisions of the eight issues many people punished Express News (reporter Lu Wei) yesterday, the Jiangsu Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission informed the 4 cases in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, involving the illegal payment of allowances and subsidies for boxing, illegal violations make arrangements for further studies feast, accepting illegal gifts gifts and other issues, as follows: 1. in Yancheng City Jiang Wei, director of the Meteorological Bureau of Dafeng District Office Director Geng Jian, director of the center for lightning protection and general ledger accountant Yang Guofeng issued Tianjin illegal subsidies. Jiang Wei ordered Geng Jian, Yang Guofeng charged by balloon flying engineering fees, inspection fees are not recorded and falsifying expenses for cash and other means, little Treasuries 236 thousand yuan, and the use of small Treasuries funds 170 thousand yuan, buy shopping card, payment of subsidies and holiday gifts of public funds etc.. 3 people respectively by the party a serious warning, and the collection of small Treasuries remaining 66 thousand yuan and 8000 yuan shopping card. 2. Nanjing city Liuhe District Market Supervision Bureau Jinniu Lake branch secretary Chen Xiaomeng, director Zhou Shipeng for illegal boxing and other issues. In January 23, 2015, 2 people in the pre holiday food safety inspection of a supermarket, the person in charge of accepting a gift of 4 well-known brands of cigarettes. In January 22, 2016, Chen Xiaomeng called the person in charge of the supermarket for 8 gift, and Zhou Shipeng went to the supermarket to extract 8 bed 9280 yuan worth of silk, as the Spring Festival benefits to branch staff. Chen Xiaomeng subject to party a serious warning, Zhou Shipeng subject to Party warning, and ordered to refund the proceeds of discipline supermarket. 3. Peixian Zhang Town Center Primary School Principals Wang Mei violations make arrangements for further studies feast problems. In September 2015, Wang Mei is the son of college entrance examination held studies feast accepting school 30 staff gifts, totaling 6000 yuan; in 2016 before the Spring Festival held a housewarming party, received 20 staff gifts, totaling 4000 yuan, resulting in adverse social impact. Wang Mei serious warning the party, discipline refund income. Huang Town Commission for Discipline Inspection of the original Secretary Yang Fuping accepting illegal gifts gifts of 4. in Liyang city. In April 10, 2016, Yang Fuping during the funeral for his mother, accepting more than management service to a well-known brand of cigarettes in the name of condolence sent 40, a gift of 7600 yuan, and 2.7 yuan fold meter. Yang Fuping subject to party a serious warning, pay back the proceeds of discipline. Expansion has nothing to do with the original video. In April 3238 people were treated for violation of the provisions of the eight

江苏通报4起违反八项规定问题 多人受到处罚快报讯(记者 鹿伟)昨天,江苏省纪委通报了4起违反中央八项规定精神问题,涉及违规发放津补贴、违规索要节礼、违规操办升学宴、违规收受礼品礼金等问题,具体如下:1.盐城市大丰区气象局局长蒋伟、办公室主任耿健、防雷中心主任兼总账会计杨国峰违规发放津补贴问题。蒋伟指使耿健、杨国峰采用收取气球施放费、工程检测费不入账和虚列支出套取现金等手段,私设“小金库”23.6万元,并使用“小金库”款项17万元,购买购物卡、发放节日补助和公款送礼等。3人分别受到党内严重警告处分,并收缴“小金库”剩余款6.6万元和购物卡8000元。2.南京市六合区市场监督局金牛湖分局局长陈小萌、主任科员周仕鹏违规索要节礼等问题。2015年1月23日,2人在对某超市进行节前食品安全检查时,收受负责人赠送的4条某知名品牌香烟。2016年1月22日,陈小萌打电话给该超市负责人索要8份礼品,并与周仕鹏一同前往该超市提取8床价值9280元的蚕丝被,作为春节福利发给分局职工。陈小萌受到党内严重警告处分,周仕鹏受到党内警告处分,并被责令将违纪所得全额退还超市。3.沛县张寨镇中心小学校长王玫违规操办升学宴等问题。2015年9月,王玫为儿子举办高考升学宴,收受学校30名教职工礼金,合计6000元;2016年春节前举办乔迁宴,收受20名教职工礼金,合计4000元,造成不良社会影响。王玫受到党内严重警告处分,退还违纪所得。4.溧阳市上黄镇纪委原书记杨福平违规收受礼品礼金问题。2016年4月10日,杨福平在办理母亲丧事期间,收受多名管理服务对象以吊唁为名送来的某知名品牌香烟40条、礼金7600元,款物折计2.7万余元。杨福平受到党内严重警告处分,退缴违纪所得。扩展视频:与原文无关。 4月3238人因违反八项规定被处理相关的主题文章:

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