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Hunan Yueyang cracked a major case of methamphetamine seized 22 kilograms of drugs – Beijing reporter from Yueyang Hunan County of Yueyang city was informed that the Yueyang County police recently cracked a major case due to the transport of methamphetamine, 22 kg of methamphetamine, the suspect Wang was Yueyang County procuratorate arrest, the suspects Pengmou (pregnant women) residential surveillance by the police. According to the Secretary of the County Public Security Bureau Liu Siqing introduction, the drug control departments of Yueyang County Public Security police received clues recently said: the area is hidden from Canton drug passage, but the other is unknown. Police handling the case analysis, after careful investigation, investigators have to pass the information of Guangdong: a white Honda car suspected unlicensed business transport a lot of ice, north along the Beijing Zhuhai expressway. According to the Yueyang County Public Security Bureau in Yueyang City narcotics detachment under the support of Yueyang County Public Security Bureau immediately organized the police in Yueyang County, Linxiang City, a high-speed entrance sheka intercept, prevent drug traffickers from entering Hubei. After a day and night waiting, in the early morning of March 13th, a suspicious vehicle in the Linxiang sheep building toll station entrance not far from the public security police line of sight. In order to prevent the white car business personnel suspicious, police posing as highway patrol. The white bus driver found a police car in front of him, suddenly turned around and headed for the cargo lane to hide. Police quickly surrounded the past, the bag off, trying to escape the two suspects arrested on the spot. It is reported that, after identification, the suspect Peng, female, 25 years old, Guangdong Shantou people; criminal suspect Wang, male, 39 years old, Henan Xunxian County people. The case is under investigation. (reporter Shuai Cai)

湖南岳阳破获重大冰毒案 缴获毒品22公斤-中新网   记者从湖南岳阳市岳阳县获悉,岳阳县警方近期破获一起重大冰毒案,因运输22公斤冰毒,犯罪嫌疑人王某被岳阳县检察院批捕,犯罪嫌疑人彭某(孕妇)被警方监视居住。   据岳阳县公安局局长刘四清介绍,岳阳县公安禁毒部门近日接到派出所线索称:辖区隐藏有来自广东的毒品暗道,但其他情况不明。办案民警分析案情,经过缜密侦查,侦查员得到广东传来的信息:一台白色无牌广本商务车疑似运输大量冰毒,沿京港澳高速公路北上。   据岳阳县公安局介绍,在岳阳市禁毒支队支持下,岳阳县公安局立即组织警力在岳阳县、临湘市两个高速入口处设卡拦截,防止毒贩窜入湖北。   经过一昼夜守候,3月13日凌晨,一台可疑车辆在临湘羊楼司收费站入口不远处进入公安民警视线。为防白色商务车内人员生疑,办案民警佯装公路巡查。白色商务车内人员发现前方有警车,突然掉头驶向货车道躲藏。办案民警迅速包抄过去,将提袋下车、正欲逃跑的两个犯罪嫌疑人当场抓获。   据悉,经查明,犯罪嫌疑人彭某,女,25岁,广东汕头人;犯罪嫌疑人王某,男,39岁,河南浚县人。此案正在进一步调查之中。 (记者帅才)相关的主题文章:

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