The occurrence of the fair official responded that the improper operation of robots.-wegener肉芽肿

Shenzhen fair official responded that the occurrence of robot wounding improper operation site map Shenzhen news network November 17th around 13:50 in the afternoon, the eighteenth fair 1 booth 1D32 Shenzhen spreadview Century Technology Co., Ltd. booth accident. Due to improper operation of the exhibitors staff, took the "go" button as "back button", which are used to display auxiliary projection technique a robot (also known as "Xiao Pang", Beijing evolution Robot Technology Co Ltd production) into the booth glass, glass fell broken and cut a live audience, causing the ankle cut bleeding. After the accident, the fair in the field of medical personnel arrived at the scene immediately for emergency treatment and dressing, and then by ambulance to the injured to the hospital of Peking University, Shenzhen. Through detailed examination of the hospital, the injured ankle two stitches after their own home. Through to the exhibitors and robot production enterprises to understand, the robot first appeared in the robot world conference in November 23, 2015, has won the domestic related safety certification. With reasons for the accident is under further verification. Previously reported: the first robot attack: the injured have been stretchers (Figure eighteenth) Chinese international hi tech fair from November 16, 2016 to 21, held in Shenzhen, this fair to "innovation driven, quality leading" as the theme, focus on energy saving and environmental protection, new technology, biology, energy and other industries advanced technology and products, highlighting the major breakthrough frontiers and innovation achievements, but the fair appeared on an episode of. A robot named chubby sudden failure, by smashing glass booth without instructions, resulting in some booth damage, even more serious is that the robot is still injured passers-by, we see from the online exposure of the picture, the injured have been stretchers. Research and development of children aged 4-12 years was mainly used for chubby robot, the purpose of education, but now it seems that this robot has great defects, the parents will not be assured of their "sweetheart" to it. Editor: GDN003

深圳高交会发生机器人伤人 官方回应称操作不当 现场图   深圳新闻网讯 11月17日下午13时50分左右,第十八届高交会1号馆1D32展位深圳展景世纪科技有限公司展台发生意外事件。由于该展商工作人员操作不当,误将“前进键”当成“后退键”,导致用于辅助展示投影技术的一台机器人(又名“小胖”,北京进化者机器人科技有限公司生产)撞向展台玻璃,玻璃倒地摔碎并划伤一名现场观众,致其脚踝被划破流血。意外发生后,高交会驻场医务人员立即到场进行紧急处理和包扎,并随即用救护车将该伤者送往北京大学深圳医院。经医院详细检查,该伤者脚踝缝两针后自行回家。   经向展商和机器人生产企业了解,该款机器人于2015年11月23日在世界机器人大会上首次面世,目前已获得国内相关安全认证。关于此次意外的详细原因正在进一步核实中。   此前报道:全国首例机器人伤人事件:伤者已被担架抬走(图)   第十八届中国国际高新技术成果交易会于2016年11月16日至21日在深圳举办,本届高交会以“创新驱动、质量引领”为主题,着重展示节能环保、 新技术、生物、能源等行业领域内的先进技术和产品,凸显前沿领域的重大突破和创新创业的成就成果,不过本次高交会上出现了一个小插曲。   一台名为小胖的机器人突然发生故障,在没有指令的前提下自行打砸展台玻璃,最终导致部分展台破坏,更为严重的是,该机器人还砸伤了路人,从网上曝出的图片中我们看到,受伤者已经被担架抬走。   小胖机器人原为4-12岁儿童研发,主要用于教育目的,不过目前看来这款机器人具备极大的缺陷,家长们也不会放心将自己的“心肝”交给它。 责任编辑: GDN003相关的主题文章:

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