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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Cross necklaces, in the past have always been a very bold statement of one’s religion, and a powerful reminder that faith is the key to God’s Kingdom. However, cross necklaces were worn even before the birth of Christ. When we trace back in ancient history, Celtics have used crosses to symbolize their beliefs. Even in the last centuries, the cross have been a symbol of prestige, power and position, too! Cross necklaces, especially the big and bold ones were worn by Roman Catholic priests to show the mass their profession and power. Today, however, especially in the Western culture, men, women and children alike wear cross jewelry mainly as a fashion statement. Everyone at any age, any race or any religion, have been accustomed to the fact that cross jewelry are not just a religious accessory anymore, but more of a fashion statement that anyone, at any religion or belief can avail of. The most .mon cross jewelry is the cross necklace. The reason perhaps is the fact that when you are conversing to somebody, the first things you notice are the objects in your field of vision, mainly the head and the neck. There are many types of cross necklaces out there: Celtic cross necklaces. These are crosses that have a ring around the intersection of the lines. Contrary to the name denotes, Celtic crosses are not just from the Celts. Many religions have used Celtic crosses, like the Pagans, and the Protestant and Roman Catholics. Gold Cross Necklaces. Gold have always been a classic jewelry, and cross necklaces are no exemption to this. Gold cross necklaces .e in yellow, white, even reddish colors. Wooden Cross Necklace. When people hear the word, "jewelry", most of them will think of precious stones or metal. However, some jewelry, cross necklaces especially, have evolved from being expensive to being very affordable. There are more types of cross necklaces in the market, and in you do a very quick search in Google or Yahoo, you might find a site that features cross necklaces! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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