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Automobiles A survey has shown that most of the car accidents are caused by teenagers than adults. Youngsters like speed but they do not realize that speed kills too! Most of the hospital emergency cases, of road accidents, involve teens or young adults. Seeing this scary rate of deadly accident by youths, it was suggested by Anne McCartt, who is the senior vice president for research at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) that parents who can afford cars for their kids, must go for the safest car. Most of the modern cars have an additional feature called front and side air bags that prevent serious head, brain and spine injuries. Apart from this, some other features are also included by the companies to ensure the safety of their buyers. Here are some of the safest car brands in America. These car brands have been tested under extreme condition to check their resistance to severe crash situations. Midsize crossover: Volvo XC60 This car brand has jaw dropping safety features that makes its top rank among all the other safest cars in the list. So here it goes; when you are driving in town with a speed of 20 mph or less, the laser system installed in this car detects traffic ahead in the road and slows down automatically to avoid any collision. When you are driving it in a high speed on the highway, the collision warning system uses the laser to detect any possible chances of collision. It will slow down or may even stop if required to prevent any possible accident. Apart from these, it also has roll over sensors, blind spot and lane departure warning, hill decent control and an advanced wheel design for faster response to emergency brakes. Ford Fiesta The latest model of Ford Fiesta has the most advanced safety structure that has passed through tough crash tests. It has the most standard air bag, side curtain inflator, a knee bag for driver which will protect the head and the body even when the car rolls down. Ultra high strength steel composes 55 % of the Ford body which also includes the front roof pillar. The material used is light in weight yet strong enough to pass through all roof standards yet maintaining the stylish looks. Although a small car but still Ford Fiesta has earned the IIHS (insurance institute for highway safety) top safety pick. Honda Civic Honda Civic is the best selling affordable car in America. It is designed to ensure safety, not only to the occupant of the car but also to the pedestrians. Its advanced compatible engineering body allows its windshield wiper and hood structure to deform more on impact so that less injury is caused to the pedestrians. Its anti lock brakes are accompanied with an electronic brake force distribution so, that the driver can have proper foot control in case of emergency stops. Hyundai Sonata Hyundai Sonata has earned a 5 star rating from IIHS. It stands high on stability and handling capability in a crash. Its safety features includes, six standard air bags, side curtains for both rear and front seats, an electronic brake force distribution and brake assist to support the anti lock brake and electronic stability control. Jeep Grand Cherokee The handsome look of Jeep Grand Cherokee is backed with some 45 security and safety features to make it the safest car in America. Some of the main features are, a 4 wheel anti lock braking system, bad road detection, side curtain air bag in full length, side thorax air bags, electronic roll mitigation and a four wheel drive system that will enable it to drive smoothly in rain, snow and mud. You can always buy a new car but you cannot buy the life of your child. Hence, it is sincerely suggested to car buyers to choose safety before style. These were some of the best car brands that ensure the safety of the driver and offer a good driving experience for the driver. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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