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Arts-and-Entertainment The renowned designer Alena Goretskaya, to "Princess" theme, the introduction of the extremely romantic, soft and extremely new wedding dress design. All work is designed to fully develop their aristocratic demeanor, the use of multilayer folds and cake-like stack elements, making the whole series of works luxurious and elegant, sparkling pure Yan, people are like exposure to Disney to build a dream park. Simple but not simple Shoulder bag, flow lines, delicate embroidery and beads around the neckline and waist line multi-layer bow, making dressed in a simple and elegant beige satin bloom in exquisite tailoring luxury reserved light. Designers play the retro card, restore the wedding dress to create a classic and elegant shell for the noble and beautiful soul, has be.e a .pulsory homework of each designer with a keen sense of smell – of course, retro does not mean rigid and conservative. tough two ingenious and exaggerated out pocket design on this dress, the whole works trace of tooling skirt cute and stylish. Retro but stylish Light veil and classic design, and instantly the spectators back to the romantic era of the big screen, Waterloo Bridge, Roman Holiday, Walk in the Clouds … too many classic screen image instantly emerge. The palace-style stand-up collar with ribbon bow, Puff, and from the skirts of the shirt placket design, together with the great light skirt highlight the dress sense of style and elegance in the design of the texture of subtle conflict. Dream as if painting We have to and admiration for the designer’s romantic and superb technique, a whole body of layered fold Huamei Li clothes, waterlines fold cake stacked perfect .bination with cascading blooming and dazzling effects, from eye-catching white over-the charming pink, as if the gouache water blooming in general, apply a light, the net through the magnificent dream of a scroll. There is no doubt that this is one for the Princess and tailored beautiful veil, I believe that every young bride will vote in the admiring glances. A hazy delicate gesture Highlight the perfect figure of a mermaid dress, learned the details of the design of the keel vest wrapped chest, while renewing this season, fresh and elegant fantasy purposes, such as wing-like layers spread out the skirt, showing a very perfect skirt radians like misty clouds and rain and snow and delicate overall impression, fit, cut and texture of fine chiffon silk with delicate beading and classical embroidery, showing a set of atmospheric Sino-American disdain for the beautiful and fragrant flowers of the red carpet dress. Court of general luxury Court costumes have always been all bride vain attempt to have the wedding, retro, somewhat conservative style is particularly popular. The sharp-eyed people have already seen this pretty well on the grounds of dress inherited Audrey Hepburn and Victoria had worn two important stardom Ms. retro wedding dress style, solid color silk and slightly sculptural elements constructed to bring out the elegant temperament; .plicated and beautiful color Obscure embroidery, highlighting the distinguished status and taste. Grace and no heavy, like to fall into the earthly perfect goddess. Princess in a delicate Throughout the 2012 spring and summer series wedding dresses , the two key words of the "retro" and "Princess" to play the most thorough is the design. Waist and bra, cross straps, three-dimensional flowers and delicate and dense veil, .pleted a can and .parable to the Grand Theatre and the magnificent Swan tutu costumes. Behind exquisitely crafted ribbon details, or the flowers layers of rendering the exquisite soft, reveals its extraordinary quality of temperament. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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