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UnCategorized Are you born to be wild? If you are, chances are you own something as anti-authoritarian as a kickin’ motorcycle. Nothing’s cooler than that, baby! But are you sure you’re properly protected when you use it? Have you ever given a thought about the kinds of jackets you purchase or the kinds of motorcycle sun glasses you wear? You may say "protection is for the weak!" but the fact is that even the most driven of rebels need to take care of one of their most important assets as human beings: their eyesight. How far can you ride with your eyes constantly assaulted by the elements? Get smart! You can achieve optimum protection for your eyes, for example, by investing in really good motorcycle sun glasses. When you don’t take care of your eyes, you don’t take care of your driving. You may well be on your way to a total road accident, and you wouldn’t even know it. You would just miss a major road sign, or dust and fog could obscure your vision and lead you to rather extreme accidents. That’s no way to stand up to the Man! A road runner’s life is a hard one, and you have to make sure you safeguard yourself against all possible (and potentially lethal) embarrassments. And when you’re looking into riding glasses, you should look more into function as well as form. Sure you want to look great while wearing your glasses – but do they have the right properties that would make them durable and workable enough for your lifestyle? Are the tints too dark, would you not be able to wear them as protection at night? There are kinds of lenses that adjust to the intensity of light, so you can wear them both indoors and outdoors without fear of bumping or tripping over anything unseemly. These would make excellent – albeit trendy – motorcycle riding gear. When it comes to frames, look into ones that wrap around the face. Those shield your eyes from dust, wind and debris, which are staples in the life of one who rides top-down or two-wheel. Driving is serious business, and you have to sit down and think carefully about the kind of protective gear you want to be wearing. Motorcycle sun glasses could help you a great deal not only in achieving the right "look" for your scene, but also in staying safe on the road. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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