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Business There are basically three classes of creditors we’re going to deal with. There’s secured, which includes your Social Security taxes, state taxes, homes, cars, things of that nature – anything secured with some sort of property. You have priority unsecured. Those are the things that used to be secured by property. They’re also taxes, anything we can’t miss. They’re second tier debtors. Then the third tier debtors are unsecured creditors. These are your credit cards, doctors, all the things that don’t have property attached to them; including your relatives and payday loans. There are some .panies that do the loans on property and they’ll give you a loan for your television set without ever having seen it. The problem is they have to file what’s called a UCC Article 9 filing to get that. Most of them don’t do it so when it .es right down to it, they’re an unsecured creditor and that’s where we put them and make them prove that they’re going to be a priority secured or a priority unsecured creditor. But once you’ve got all that information to us then we can have an idea of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. The reality is if you file a bankruptcy correctly and you get through the process, your life’s going to be a lot smoother. The chances are most of the unsecured creditors are just going to go away without being paid anything. They bargain for that, they do. It’s in their bill. It’s in every billing you get. They anticipate that they’re going to lose some money somewhere – but trust me they’ll be fine. They’ll live. I hope this has been very informational for you. I hope it’s helped you out. If you need information call us today or visit our website or send me an email, we do respond very quickly. If this is an emergency please call our office. We’ll fit you in. We’ll find time for you. The consultation is free so it doesn’t cost you anything. The reality of the situation you’re in is that we can help you. Just give us a chance and let us to that for you. Please call. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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