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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Its safe to say the diamond watches are perhaps the final word in luxury watches. Mens diamond watches are manufactured by many different companies around the world; these and other quality mens watches come in numerous styles as well. You may be interested to know that while watches have been around for several hundred years, mens wrist watches are a fairly new innovation, and such diamond watches for men have only been around for a few decades. Timeless History Although the idea of the mechanical clock dates back six thousand years in China and India, the technology that made the development of mens watches possible wasnt developed until around the year 1400 in Europe. Even then, it was well over a century before this was miniaturized enough to make a portable timepiece practical. The first mens watches were actually word on a chain around the neck, and were rather bulky by todays standards. Wrist watches for women were available from around 1560 onward (Queen Elizabeth I was given one by her favorite and according to some rumors, lover Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester), but these were small clocks that dangled from the wrist, not worn on a band like many modern diamond watches and other kinds of mens wrist watches. The first modern wrist watches were actually luxury watches for women; the ladies bracelet watch came out in 1868. Mens watches were of the pocket-and-fob-chain variety; until the advent of manly activities such as deep-sea diving and piloting aircraft, in which pocket watches were impractical (but keeping accurate time was vital, lest one run out of air or fuel). Mens Diamond Watches Today Diamond watches are also known as jewelry watches. The premier manufacturers of mens diamond watches today are Harry Winston and Rolex. These are extremely expensive, however; top-of-the-line luxury watches by Hary Winston can go for as much as $13,000, while mens wrist watches by Rolex start at around $5000 and top out at around $16,000. Obviously, such luxury watches are not for everyone. However, if youre simply looking for a little flash and style (what was come to be known as bling), youll find that manufacturers such as Geneva Watches that offer such timepieces of reasonable quality for much lower prices (generally in the $50 250 range). If you can afford a bit more, Ice Link has some unique and novel offerings that run from $1000 2000. Caveat Emptor! The old warning buyer beware is very applicable when it comes to shopping for diamond watches. It is not recommended that such luxury watches be purchased online except from the most reputable dealers. If you do buy such a timepiece from an Internet dealer, make sure that the dealer has been authorized by the manufacturer of the watch and if their prices on diamond watches seem unrealistically low, move on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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