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Home-Securtiy Research conducted independently by UCLA and the San Diego Office of Emergency Services shows that just 22% of southern Californians consider that they are prepared in some way, shape or form for an earthquake, while the majority of residents have done very little, if anything, about it. In San Diego its even worse with a mere 19% of residents having done anything at all to get prepared. And given that scientists found 50 new faults in California last year, those statistics should raise some eyebrows because we could potentially be staring down the barrel of increased seismic activity and if thats not a good enough reason for disaster planning in San Diego then we dont know what is. So, with the discovery of new fault lines on top of those that scientists already knew about and so few people being prepared, now would be a pretty good time to not just think about disaster planning in San Diego, but to actually do something about it. Whats been going on overseas lately has definitely brought home how real the threat of earthquakes is and why its important for us to get serious about disaster planning in San Diego. It includes things like identifying potential hazards around your home and securing them, making sure there are emergency kits for everyone in your home and having a plan so that everyone knows what to do during and after an earthquake. Disaster planning in San Diego just might be the difference between you and your loved ones surviving a big quake or not. And now would be a good time to start doing something to get prepared. Emergency Kits This is our 20th year of being in business and as the worldwide leaders in earthquake preparedness we have developed a wide range of safety items, including an emergency kit San Mateo. The kits are designed to get you through at least 72 hours by providing disaster supplies that will help you survive. There are individual kits, two-person and four-person kits. Inside every one of our kits are the basic essentials as re.mended by the American Red Cross – food, water and an emergency blanket – plus a lot of added extras. The food and water is approved by the US Coast Guard and has a five-year shelf life, there are first aid kits, safety lightsticks, ponchos, dust masks, nitrile gloves and more.We have an online store where you can get everything that you will need for disaster planning in San Diego. No matter where you live in the San Diego area, youre in earthquake country and the experts say southern California is overdue for a major earthquake. More information on that is available on the Great California ShakeOut website. Because earthquakes can strike anywhere at any time, disaster planning in San Diego is the best way to guarantee that you wont run the risk of losing all the contents of your home. Dont put it off one more day, disaster planning in San Diego is absolutely necessary and we strongly re.mend that you start on it today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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