Fraxel Laser Takes Aim-naughty怎么读

Health Its sounds like a tall order to improve the fine lines of wrinkles, the enlarged pores and the pigment of aging skin but today’s modern advancements in Laser treatment, specifically the new FDA approved Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing process, makes this task seem like a walk in the park. Only introduced in the past number of years, it is marketed as a non-invasive laser skin treatment that is remarkably gentle to the top layer of skin by producing minimal damage and targets with great accuracy the underneath layers, the root of most problems. After numbing the patients skin, a temporary blue mask is applied that highlights the contours of the skin and then the Fraxel Laser is passed over the face several times, in fact eight passes is the standard amount over each area of the skin which allows for deeper penetration and to apply more of the lasers energy without the side effects of the traditional lasers which often include very sensitive to touch skin and plenty of downtime needed to recover afterwards. The patient usually requires three to five laser treatments to get the best results and a noticeable difference should be seen after the first treatment in the pore size and after all treatments, the overall appearance of the skin should have improved in some cases dramatically in regards to the pigment and wrinkles as well. Smoothing the texture, evening the tone and returning the skin to the original baby soft beauty is a boast that is difficult to ignore and because its safe, it can be used on many areas of the body including stretch marks from birth, around the neck or on the hands and feet where a lot of exposure to the elements can take its toll on the look and feel of a persons skin, even acne scars, surgical scars and Actinic Keratosis (pre-cancerous spots) can all be treated. Years of skin damage can be repaired in just weeks with the targeted light thats emited which stimulates the natural healing process that produces collagen and elastin. Since each spot thats effected by the lasers light rays is surrounded by healthy tissue, the skin heals very quickly, it works on all skin types and is FDA cleared to by used on multiple skin conditions. Relatively pain free with most treatments lasting around thirty minutes, most patients can be free to return to work afterwards. For someone not quite ready to go down the plastic surgery road but is seriously considering taking steps down that path, the Fraxel laser is a very positive non-invasive cost effective option which doesnt .pete with plastic surgery but slows down the skin aging process which is one of the leading factors for people going down the route of invasive plastic surgery. Fraxel Laser treatments claim is that it reverses and slows down aging which to anyones mind can only be a good thing unless youre someone thats looking for that old worn out look but those are few and hard to find, its easy to see why this method is growing more popular, particularly as the cost is falling due to its increased demand and .petition between clinics that offer the service. Copyright (c) 2010 Jonah Myers About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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