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Travel-and-Leisure Bhutan is the home of the golden monkeys, an ideal trekking destination, a reserved place full of ‘Dzong’ and ancient ruins, and celebrates interesting festivals. Bhutan is located between the southern boundaries of China and northern boundaries of India in the eastern Himalayas. Also popularly known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan offers a enticing and curious travel experience for tourists. It is a delta of a preserved Buddhist country and warm hospitality of the Dragon Kingdom people. Although the government applies a very cautious approach in its tourism industry, tourists seem to grow in number every year. Read on to know what makes Bhutan an interesting place to visit for your next travel adventure. Home of the golden monkeys Golden Langur monkeys are one of the most popular sights in Bhutan. They can .monly be sighted in the town of Trongsa and the foothills of Bhutan’s mountain valleys. Golden monkeys are rare animals that can only be found in Bhutan and northern India. Its golden and creamy white fur makes it an attractive sight-seeing addition on trekking and driving trips around Bhutan. Golden monkeys are classified as endangered specie. Valley and mountain trekking Bhutan is also a haven for trekking and mountain climbing. You can find the great Lunana summit in northern part of Bhutan for mostly extreme trekking and climbing. Moving around the different towns and villages in Bhutan will require you to climb and drive along steep roads. Since 90% of the population’s livelihood is on agriculture, moderate hikers could enjoy the panoramic view of rice paddies and mountain ranges. One interesting summit to visit is the Chomolhari Mountain which offers an enticing mountain trek adventure. It is Bhutan’s sacred mountain along the borders of Tibet. Bumthang Valley is also a nice place to hike with its magnificent view of Jakar village. Dzong and ancient ruins A large number of mystical and historical ancient ruins are a curious fact about Bhutan. The country is filled with quite a number of Dzong that houses Buddhist monks and magnificent Buddha statues. Wangdiphodrang Dzong, Tiger’s Nest, Trongsa Dzong are just the few places to mention which can give a unique and distinct archeological appreciation that only Bhutan can offer. It is also neat to have the famous Bhutan stamps as a remembrance of these famous Buddhist temples. Monks and large Buddha statues also add to Bhutan’s mysterious appeal. Festivals Festivals are celebrated all year round in Bhutan. The festivals reflect colorful masks and the rich Bhutan culture. Dances are performed by the Buddhist monks to protect the valleys and ward off evil spirits. Colorful clothes and pieces of jewelry are usually flaunted during carnivals. Buddhist festivals are the time for the conserved religious Buddhist followers to celebrate and socialize. Another must-try in Bhutan is indulging in the chili-filled Bhutanese cuisine and yak butter beer as these will .plete any visit in Bhutan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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