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73 Venice Preview: Cannes master Oscar seeds laicourenao entertainment Sohu this year’s Venice film festival film entertainment exclusive Zhuangao (the Sohu such as Da Zi) the seventy-third Venice International Film Festival, will be officially opened on August 31st local time. As one of the oldest of the three major European film festivals, the pressure on Venice is becoming more and more apparent: the Toronto Film Festival, followed by the annual wave of high tide in Venice to steal the limelight. In order to save this embarrassing situation, Venice main competition this year strong piece of clouds, a full kneeling lick "Cannes old driver" to prop up the masters spectacular; on the other hand, the recruitment of North American awards season ahead of rally in latent seed, and good at this Toronto grab resources. As a result, this year’s Golden Lion War aspect bursting. Of course, the Chinese audience, the Chinese film is still expected to be a zero zero embarrassment. Amir Kusturica brought new movie "the Milky Way long road" Cannes "old driver" collective gestures at the main competition unit of Venice Film Festival this year, people will have a "this is clearly a Cannes Film Festival" illusion: over the past few decades in Cannes to the pinnacle of life film star, unexpectedly came to uniform the Golden Lion for shuicheng. Although there has always been about pioneer position and personal independence of conduct in Venice, invited a group of Cannes directing "daochamen" will inevitably become a lack of confidence, but neither painful nor itching for several years of Venice, let the master chengmenmian has been the only choice. The Venice Cannes own army, Amir Kusturica’s "the Milky Way long road" and Wim Wenders’s "Alan Huw Aars" the most beautiful day by day. Two in the early 80s won the Palme d’Or, losing in our master Abbas’s day, the two will continue to film, is itself a comforting. Kusturica served as chairman of the Shanghai International Film Festival jury this year, in the field of artistic appeal is still full, his new book "the Milky Way long road" is the third finalist Venice competition history. Kusturica’s artistic achievement is the pinnacle of "father" and "underground" to travel the two statues of palm, but the fact is that Venice is a place to explore his hand. In early 1981, the old library is to "do you remember dolly Baer" in Venice swept four awards, including best debut, which entered the international view. This is his "black or white" for the first time in 18 years for the golden lion. "The long road" to the Milky Way three segment structure is unique, the story of a man of extraordinary life experience, he experienced unbelievable love and war, The imprint is engraved on my heart. monk after the heart feeling. Interestingly, the old library is "good", invited to Italy sexy goddess Monica Bellucci and played their opponents play, is expected to compete in this year’s Venice winner. Wim Wenders’s "Alan Huw Aars good day" is a 3D film with Kusturica, the German literary film old driver Wim Wenders, the first is to encourage Venice: 1972, article)相关的主题文章:

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