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8 days and 7 nights of the Greek island hopping Tour: with love to the sea – the sea of love and romance Sohu tourism beauty, always thought it was Homer’s myth, 8 days and 7 Nights cruise around the sea of love, although only a hasty 10 Greek island and city, but has been lost in the sea of love in the past hope. The island of the sea of love in Greece, as if it is a poison, the poison, the only way to detoxify is to spread. Greece in September, sunny and mild climate, the Mediterranean is the best season for travelling, we choose different from the general tourist trip to Greece, take a boat around the love sea island, so you can visit more places in the limited time, can also go to a lot of beautiful island is very lonely. The dream trip to Greece is from the beginning of Athens’s Piraeus Marina Zea port, enjoy the night in the small island of port Korrisia, born to Delos to watch the sun god and the ruins of the ancient Greek civilization, enjoy the charming sunset in Mykonos windmills; stunning Santorini on the island of blue and white, go to the most distant Greece Crete to explore Kono South ancient civilization. In Kythira at once the Kithira channel signs of danger appearing everywhere in the Peloponnese, parking, see medieval fortress Monemvasia, Mycenae cultural relics feel origin of ancient Greek civilization, looking for a romantic walk in the quiet streets Nafplion; ydra ancient fort side of the sunset restaurant, with all the friends of the trip together to share the delicious food of greece. We take the Harmony yacht V, is a large private yacht, can take around 50 visitors, can go to the big cruise near the island, also can feel the fun of private boat cruise trips. In addition, the biggest advantage of the yacht is driving at night, wake up every morning, hanging out of the window is a strange harbor, we went ashore to visit a beautiful island. We walk this line is known as classical Greece, because everywhere, are the ruins of ancient Greek civilization, has a Homeric legend, it is one of the classic lines of many foreign tourists love the most. It is two o’clock in the afternoon on the yacht, so I use this morning for some time, go to Plaza de la Constitucin to watch the famous Greek presidential guard special ritual, and then went to visit Athens Weicheng (Acropolis), the building on the hillside of the ancient Greek temple, is believed to be the site of the worth of the Parthenon. Erechtheum temple ruins, so that we can realize the civilization and prosperity of ancient greece. Athens is the best place to Acropolis overlooking Athens, standing on the top of Athens at a glance around, after visiting Athens Acropolis, we crossed the street, came to Athens’s most prosperous, Rudge (Monastriki) square, visited the old church, in a 1879 year old restaurant, playing bouzoukis (Bouzuki) sound, eat "hamburger", known as the Greek Souvlaki giros. After a half day tour of Athens, we boarded the kamoni yacht V, opened the ring we love sea island hopping tour. .相关的主题文章:

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