8 tourists in South Korea arrested the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Committee interviewed someone’s tra mentalist

8 tourists in South Korea arrested the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Committee interviewed someone’s travel agency – Beijing recently, Nanjing tourists physical conflict occurred in Jeju Island of South Korea and business video news spread in the network, attracted wide attention of users and industry. 8 Nanjing tourists go to a local restaurant and bring their own drinks, because restaurants refuse to go drinks, tourists and shops and a dispute is transformed from the altercation dispute into a physical confrontation. Reporters learned from the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission, after the incident, the South Korean police have been involved, 8 tourists were taken back to the police detention, of which the 3 in September 12th to "no detention investigation," the release of restrictions on exit, the remaining 5 people are still detained. According to the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission bulletin, September 13th, the Nanjing Tourism Commission in the event of an emergency plan launched in the city of Nanjing outbound travel agency conducted a survey. It is understood that someone 8 tourists through the Nanjing China Travel Service Co., Ltd., in September 6th -9 month period of 10 days to go to Jeju Island, Korea, half self-help". Reporters learned that the semi self tour refers to the travel agency after landing there are some travel arrangements, the last two days of the trip is free time, suspected of hitting the tourists in the free exercise of free activities in the dispute. According to reports, in the report to the tourism administration departments at all levels, Nanjing City Tourism Commission, tourism law enforcement detachment and the quality of tourism management, common to Chinese situation travel agency in Nanjing City, referring to the mission of the group file, inquiry transcripts do the scene, and ask the travel agency to the legal person has been involved in the transaction occurred Korea and the manager immediately returned to Nanjing to assist in the investigation process. Confirmed by the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission investigation, the travel team travel contract signed in travel service to tourists do civilization at the same time, issued to tourists "written notice" group, but the tourism team has appointed the leader, not made from the list of tables, nor in the national tourism information reporting team system. Currently, someone’s travel agency is actively cooperate with the matter. Next, the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission will pay close attention to the progress of the situation, according to the law to make a serious deal with the travel agency. At the same time, once again remind the majority of tourists must abide by the laws of the host country, respect for local customs, according to the National Bureau of civilized travel tips regulate personal behavior, the tourism enterprises must abide by the law. Xinhua newspaper all media reporter Xu Zhou Jing相关的主题文章:

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