90 seconds to know Hsu Chi with Bvlgari to marry love t420s

90 seconds to know Hsu Chi: with Bvlgari married love last weekend, could not calm entertainment shake again, the 42 year old Stephen Fung and 40 year old Hsu Chi public affair, oh, no, is married (the small gold dog food here!). We all thought that Hsu Chi could not get married in this life, thought that the residue of the slag to the death of Stephen Fung is not willing to recognize her relationship, I did not expect her to use the thunder of Aries to give us such a surprise! Entertainment is another of couples from friends to lovers. Along the way, the breakthrough, turned to see, so you’re still here. Let us take a look at this a stream, without affectation of the Universal Declaration of marriage. Between the lines have revealed the full of happiness. Unlike the general Celebrity Wedding, Hsu Chi’s wedding is a Swedish brand H& parity; M 2 years ago, her Conscious Exclusive series of white yarn, the price of about 3550 yuan, this series is designed to protect the earth’s biggest characteristic as the starting point, all are using green cloth material material made of organic or environmental protection, regeneration. Is she free pick veil in a bridal shop, a small pink dress suit and Stephen Fung Hsu Chi, is in front of the camera for two days in the street to buy. This is a simple wedding dress and body head yarn, to their popularity, many brands want to sponsor, but is actually such a popular brand, Hsu Chi’s character is really like her in the "glass" in a sea girl, may the heart of people, without any deviation. They are Prague shooting Stephen Fung’s film "Grand Alliance", the day before I find the famous photographer Lin Bingcun went to Czech to shoot the wedding a week ago, Lin Bingcun received instructions, all lined up to fly to Prague for the new palm mirror, the couple all assigned to the pursuit of natural, natural wind, also asked the photographer only with reflection board. After enjoying this beautiful wedding, here we have talked about the key, how can the fashion circles a little heart gossip, Shakespeare said: "the jewelry is silent, can move more women than any language." Handed down jewelry, like a book this be worth reading a hundred times. Every turn, is a classic cycle. Let’s have a look at Hsu Chi’s ring Beauty and the Geek’s marriage, choose BVLGARI Venice Bvlgari Bridal (Dedicata a Venizia) series platinum diamond ring. About the origin of the ring will follow by sixteenth Century, Delicata a Venizia (Italian for "salute to Venice") a platinum diamond ring inspired marriage file recorded in 1503: a diamond ring as a pledge of love for tradition, which began in Italy in sixteenth Century in Venice. The bride and groom to accept the offer of the gold ring as a wedding ring at the wedding, this is the first time in the history of the wedding ring, since marriage is to become a permanent traditional ring. As for their wedding ring is from a pointer of Bvlgari Serpenti series, the snake winding shaped like a snake wrapped around the fingers of Lin class, Serpenti ring is a traditional Bvlgari messenger of cultural relics, the snake ring will be around two people love story, with it as a myth.相关的主题文章:

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