A class of mixed shares to sign a masters or a big market is approaching zznba

A class of mixed shares to sign a masters or a big market is approaching today is the last trading day of the week, review the market this week, continuous time shares rose to become the biggest highlight of the week, at the beginning of October in debt, equity transfer, ex dividend stocks popular when new shares do a period of time with run this week, finally began to erupt, leading laiyifen only after the Listing 7 trading opened funds become the object of crazy blocking, staged a super strong market pull even 5, driven by a large number of simultaneous listing of new shares appear collective upside. Because of the new shares of the hurricane, also caused in the banking sector have new property stocks daily limit is rare, can be said to have little relationship to the Bank of Changshu, Bank of Wuxi and the rise of the banks themselves, by the time shares the overall drive by. However, today, the two Daniel Huangshanghuang suspension Lutianhua stock, or have a certain impact on investor psychology, due in early July on the market (New Times Group) the suspension adjustment caused by the shadow still, so the two focus stock suspension, investors more cautious; from the drop list, limit the number of board stocks increased significantly, but the stock fell are pre or large varieties; this effect will transfer to the currently popular suspension time shares, also began in the variable. In addition, this week, brokerage stocks repeated action cause investors alert, in fact, the investors don’t need for brokerage stocks pulled panic. First, on the evening of October 27th, in the three quarterly report, the emergence of the 317 listed companies, the national team figure. From the industry distribution, the "national team" holds the largest number of the financial sector, which is one of the main cause of the recent financial stocks were strong; technically, the bull market is still in line arrangement, above the strong support, support fund callback obvious, the overall decline in limited space. Overall, this week, the stock market trend of a step back three in line with the general law of the market, but the slow pace of incremental funding intervention, the market structure is still the main tone. The two is the Shenzhen stock exchange Chinese joint securities depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Shenzhen branch, The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limited, Hongkong Central Clearing Company Limited on October 2016 29 to 30, the whole network testing organization. For the brokerage stocks, it is to pass the Shenzhen show, Shanghai and Hong Kong through the opening of a month ago, the market rose about 5%. Now, investors may, it is like a badly frightened person, the market has a large market of precursor. From a technical point of view, the emergence of the market in rose, this is a normal phenomenon, the market rose after the station on the line, the 3100 point mark integer, has a positive effect on the market, and hit near the previous high pressure; from the market volume, short-term pressure reach area, volume has continued to shrink. And because the foundation is not solid, step back to confirm the inevitable. The rose Monday after 4 days of continuous adjustment back to around 3100, short-term adjustment of the full, next week is expected to usher in a rebound, the previous high pressure is still huge, because of the space without incremental funds rebound is too large, continue to consolidate the 3100 points is the key short-term results. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, as in the WeChat capture Niugu;相关的主题文章:

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