A couple of two people jailed for violence to obstruct police against traffickers-cashmere mafia

Two couples violence to obstruct the police against traffickers jailed for original title: couple violence to obstruct the police arrested, jailed for selling JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zheng Yujia) the police clear against traffickers enforcement actions in Tongren Hospital, by Han and his wife Yang’s violence to obstruct. Two people were beaten to the police, tearing, abuse, killing 2 police and 2 auxiliary police officers were injured. Yesterday morning, the couple in the Dongcheng court. Court, Yang said her husband is the number of traffickers, but Han denied. The court sentenced him to 7 months in prison and three months in prison for obstructing public service. Yesterday 9:30, 27 year old Yang and Han Han, who was brought to court in, the relationship between the husband and wife of the two, are Heilongjiang. The prosecution alleged, May 26th morning, together with her husband Yang Han in Dongcheng District Chongwenmen Avenue 8 Beijing Tongren Hospital Eastern door, by way of violence is the execution of official East Branch police brigade police Chen and others were tearing, abuse and assault, causing Chen a right thumb skin; Tong a left forearm, left wrist lesions; more than a right wrist lesions; Tianmou hand skin abrasions. After Yang and Han were arrested. In the face of charges, two people pleaded guilty in court. Yang confessed that her husband Han is a number of colleagues in the hospital inverted number. But Han is firmly denied that he is the number of dealers. A police Tong said in testimony, the day he and more than 10 police, auxiliary police to Tongren Hospital, ready to clean up against traffickers. 9:40 or so, the police found a man wearing a green coat is shouting. In this man the arrest, a woman wearing a yellow shirt (the defendant Yang) began pulling pushing the police, the man wearing a green jacket took the opportunity to escape, "I take the initiative to show the identity of the police, the woman was very excited, beat the police, then the woman’s husband also pushed over the police". The judge sentencing court to the crime of obstruction of official Yang sentenced to imprisonment for 7 months, Han imprisonment for 6 months, two of people said they did not appeal in court. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章:

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