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A woman called her husband derailed Zhuzhou stop stop and let her up [Abstract] a Zhuzhou woman with Valentine’s open house, her husband found the surveillance side with a 2 year old child. The woman confided derailment > > original title: her infidelity kept just for revenge on her husband 9-9 don’t let yesterday in the salt the wound not long ago, Zhuzhou Tianyuan District Majiahe Zhen Luo Xi Jie call our hotline peacemaker, Luo Xi Jie said, son is 3 years old, his son and daughter-in-law divorce. Their old two is in the eyes of anxious heart, do not know is how ah, Luo Xijie hopes to do a mediation. To help others see Luo Xi Jie day shop, so we can only mediation in the evening. A dialogue: two people do daughter-in-law Fang Fang Fang can’t live. I also endure for the sake of the baby, the time of pregnancy hit me, I also endure down. A: you is pregnant again now? Fang Fang: more than three months. The peacemaker: prepare a second is? Fang Fang: I don’t want to live. A: divorce is made by him or are you out? Fang Fang: two people don’t think about it. It seems that this couple conflicts is not a day for two days. According to Fang Fang said, her husband Ronaldinho with her classmates, free love after together, before Ronaldinho to her very good, can be said to obey in every way but then, suddenly, always complain that this or that, sometimes temper up also hit. From the parents Ronaldinho’s mouth, Ronaldinho has been learned. An honest child, then, what is the reason for a child to become a man of family violence? The parents understand the situation with Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho found peacemaker temper is really quite stubborn. At this time the peacemaker suddenly thought of a problem, Ronaldinho every month to pay the family home? Fang Fang: today, take two thousand for second days and take the money. Fang Fang: (he) angry with me, I said to chat with others. It is also because I derailed, so he does not forgive me now, so every day. Now motionless (on the beat), I was pregnant and hit. Ronaldinho father: now is this contradiction. Fang Fang after marriage had derailed behavior! And she admitted it herself! The peacemaker was shocked by this unexpected situation. As a husband Ronaldinho is aware of the situation, what would he think of this problem? Ronaldinho: (this is affair) when I was back, when the outside hard, and is brought to the cubs, two cubs. So these are the things I can’t stand. With the child derailment? Ronaldinho is how to know and confirm this? Ronaldinho: I went to the hotel surveillance, what see. The peacemaker: Hotel surveillance should be monitoring the aisle? That is, two people together to open the room, holding the baby open room? Ronaldinho:…… This is a great blow: the peacemaker to you? Ronaldinho: Yes, I told her before really is (good), she went out to play, with the cubs play at 1 o’clock in the evening, I just say a word, with a little baby come back safe. What did she do? For 4 hours with a man who had been drilled into a city hero, took the baby to another friend to help her. It happened in October last year, after Ronaldinho confiscated)相关的主题文章:

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