Aerospace experts to analyze the long march five, the first flight to postpone the reason – Sohu

Aerospace experts to resolve the "long five" first flight delay – Sohu news news agency in Hainan, Wenchang in November 3,   China (reporter Zhang Su) a new generation of large carrier rocket Long March five 3 in the Chinese Wenchang spaceport successful first flight". The day of the launch time delayed several times, from the original launch time of 18 delayed until 20:40, aerospace experts then explain the reasons. Before the launch of the first tier booster exhaust pipe to find a problem, after judgment, does not affect the launch." Zhao Jian, deputy director of the National Defense Industry Bureau China system engineering company said in an interview, the second problem is the core level of the hydrogen engine accident occurred in the pre cooling process, the temperature does not drop down". China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Hospital deputy chief designer of the rocket Long March five Lou Luliang added that rocket booster product problems, experts discussed that does not affect the launch of "check and discuss the process of spent a little time". Lou Luliang said, first of all to ensure that after the filling process of liquid hydrogen engine parts can be cooled to a certain temperature, to ensure that the startup process remained stable. But in the start-up process, the researchers found that some parameters did not work in accordance with the envisaged. Lou Luliang said that the field organization and technical personnel to discuss, in accordance with the plan to carry out a variety of random investigation, and finally solve the problem at the end of the window period, China’s first large rocket into space. "Science and technology personnel are very calm, take a variety of measures to solve the problem, after the launch of the successful extension." Zhao Jian said. Aerospace experts in the first time after the launch of the initiative to announce the reasons for the delay has been highly praised, there are comments that: China needs more space to express such confidence".相关的主题文章:

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