After 80 conductor for mentally retarded mother propped up a day to get married and get married-thinkpad s230u

80 conductor for the mentally retarded mother to hold up one day to get married – Beijing, the Mid Autumn Festival, the 10 bus fleet 80 conductor Meng Bin holiday. He bought a T-shirt and a moon cake for his mother and himself. The T-shirt is a kind of mother suit, peach. Moon cake is very sweet, mother and child a person with a smile. This is 2011 after the sudden death of his father, Meng Bin alone to take care of mentally retarded mother spent fifth mid autumn festival. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday second days, Meng Bin will work as usual, before going out, he would carefully shut the gas, lock the kitchen, broken the total power supply, and then locked the door, rushed to the team. When he sat in the bus shuttle in the streets when the streams of people busily coming and going to his mother, a person sitting on the bed, staring at the window of a world, waiting for him to return home. Meng Bin is now the team’s advanced staff, he is the mother’s greatest pride. Happy looking at my mother happy I am very happy, like many of the Beijing boys after 80, Meng Bin’s life was simple and happy, and some even too simple. Lock her mother at home to go to work, go home to take care of her mother. For a long time, it was his own secret. Colleagues in the eyes of Meng Bin, do not love to say, love to laugh. He likes playing football and singing, but he doesn’t go to the party except for the team activities. Every day he is smiling to work at night, take the car out colleagues to the nearest station at night. No one paid particular attention to this young man, until one day, a team of colleagues saw Meng Bin holding a mentally retarded elderly supermarket. Colleagues thought he was participating in community welfare activities, he laughed to colleagues, this is my mother. Meng Bin alone to take care of the mentally retarded mother quickly spread out in the team. Out of concern for young employees, the team leader to visit his home. This summer, usually have no chance to say a few words on the leadership, suddenly into the Meng Bin family of more than and 20 square meters of the small house, let the boy moved to tears. Many people, the house must breathe. Meng Bin is no air conditioning and fan home, he held a fan to fan leaders. Mother Meng Bin head transpiration heat, grinning chuckling. When the neighbors sent an old fan, Meng Bin fumbled for the socket. Visitors to the guests, there are several female leaders have been unable to hold back the tears. The leader asks Meng Bin, "the child, the life is so bitter, how not to open mouth?" Meng Bin replied with a smile, "no pain, look at my mother happy, I am very happy." Then, the team leader asked to help him do what, Meng Bin said, hope that the leadership can make him all night every day, this day would have time to take care of my mother at home. Accompany her mother likes to lie on the window to see the scenery Meng Bin and her mother, who lives in Songjiazhuang, a more than and 20 square meters of low-cost housing. There are two single beds and a table in the living room and bedroom. Zhang Baolan’s bed was the only window, the screen below has a big hole. Meng Bin said that when a mother at home, most like to sit on the bed, his hands holding the window to see the scenery. For a long time, the screen was stripped down. "I recently had to change.相关的主题文章:

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