After the withdrawal of money, live fake charity suspected fraud

Send money back, live charity fraud pseudo original title: live "pseudo charity" is "really cheat donate" Author: Jiang Debin live "pseudo charity" the cost is very low, return, lack of supervision and restraint, the probability of exposure was low. Because of this, the harm is greater. Recently, a video circulated on the internet. In the video, two men in the fast broadcast platform broadcast live on charity, arrange a Liangshan village stood in two rows, then send money to the villagers live, and live after, these people from the villagers get the money back. (the "Chengdu daily" reported from November 6th), this is a naked "pseudo charity", directed by broadcast platform anchor farce. Due to broadcast "pseudo charity" the purpose is to expand the network influence anchor, smoke powder and increase the amount of play, then let the fans Brush Gift "to make money from it, so it can be said that is the essence of the" true tax fraud". So, it should not stop at the anchor apology finished, but by the law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation, and shall be dealt with according to law. It is worth noting that the broadcast of "pseudo charity" was exposed, the team is split "infighting" results, several anchor recriminations and publicly broke the news, which makes the "pseudo charity" was officially unveiled. Moreover, according to the situation that they broke the news broadcast, "pseudo charity" is open to the public "unspoken rule", many anchors are involved, and have a mature team, complete speculation process, only pay villagers low wages, to complete the "pseudo charity live". Such an approach not only violates the charity law, but also undermines the Civil Charity image, while suspected of fraud. Similar pseudo charity approach is not new, many years ago had been exposed by the media. The live video footage of the pseudo charity ", the greater visual impact, and through the interaction between the anchor black, opened a" pseudo charity "hidden under the veil of darkness. Live pseudo charity cost is very low, a large return on income, coupled with the lack of regulatory constraints, the probability of exposure is low. Because of this, the harm is greater. Charity law clearly stipulates that individuals can not initiate public donations. Visible, live pseudo charity has been suspected of violating the law. Therefore, be sure to live "pseudo charity" to be strict, the first to be broadcast platform content review and anchor the responsibility of management, not illegal broadcast content. At the same time, law enforcement agencies should also be a video as a clue to the report, live pseudo charity to be investigated in depth, according to the law to punish those involved, in order to alert those who are under the name of charity liar. Editor: Wei Wei相关的主题文章:

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